thieneeocre answered the question How to reset ti 84? Go to the memory screen. You can get to this menu by pressing the 2nd button and then MEM button or the( ).Select the MEM Mgmt/Del. This is should be the second selection from the top.Select "All...". This is the first one from the top. This will show you all your programs and applications.Delete the variables/strings/matrices/lines. The variables are just letters that take up exactly 18 bytes; strings appear as str(insert number); matrices appear as [A] or [B] etc.; lines appear as Y(number in subscript). Delete them by pressing the DEL button. This will clear a lot of RAM.Try to archive all of your programs. To archive put your arrow on the program and press enter. This should archive the program, store it safely, if you have enough ARC. If you can archive all the programs skip the next step.Clear the RAM. To do this go to the MEM menu. Then scroll down to "Reset..." and press enter. Then select "ALL RAM...". This will delete anything not archived and reset the whole calculator to default settings. This should clear up the system and increase RAM and ARC to you maximum amount.

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how to reset ti 84

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