itsjug answered the question How to reset comcast cable box? Comcast Cable Box is an amazing technology in the reccent time but technology always comes with its initial sets of problem. It is observed that few people has faced some problems like a very slow response time, errors which cannot be easily understood by a lay person and other minor issues which a person wittness while watching the cable box. But these issues are very minor and can be taken care by a simple resetting procedure which can be carried by any one in general (you do not need to have a technical background for this).Resetting a comcast is a very simple and easy to understand process. To reset a comcast box please follow these simple steps :1) You have to unplug the Comcast Cable Box and keep it that way for a minimum of one minute. Also make sure that the cable to which it is attached is also disconnected. (most people make this mistake of not disconnecting the cable which results in improper rebooting process and not achieving the desired results )2) After waiting in a disconnected mode for at-least one minute, kindly reconnect the cable very carefully to the device (please keep in mind that if the cable has any loose connection it increases the chance of crating a short circuit and further damaging the Comcast Cable Box)3) After carefully following the above 2 steps kindly switch on the Comcast Cable Box which will complete the resseting process. If the problem persist ask technical team to send the signal to reset the setting of the Comcast Cable Box.

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how to reset comcast cable box

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