What Can We Learn From Steve Jobs In Business Consulting

Steve Jobs will be remembered eternally as the man behind the Apple Company and it is rightfully so. But it’s not because Jobs was a co-founder. Rather, it was because of the way he was able to turn the company around when it was down on the ground, propelling it to become one of the most valuable publicly traded companies in the world in 2011. No one would think that a giant as big as it is today like Apple had problems in the past. But they did and they got through it all with sound business consulting from the late great Mr. Jobs.

Steve Job’s  Turnaround

Now whatever business consulting magic Jobs did for Apple serves as one of the best examples of the greatest turnarounds that history has seen in a company. In fact, a lot of leaders turn to Jobs to guide their decisions. Jobs was a visionary so he saw things differently. And because he sees things differently, Jobs is able to find solutions to problems where people don’t even know where to begin understanding the problem. Maybe this is one of the things that business consultants can learn from Steve Jobs.

Solutions to Problems

There are time-tested solutions to common problems so it’s not unusual for people to turn to these. After all, they have been proven to work so they will be able to solve the problems you have. Jobs will understand this and recognize these solutions but to him, there will be other solutions to the problem. Jobs has always considered it to be necessary to think out of the box and for the most part, his efforts have not been in vain. Sure, he did run into some snags over the years but his relentless pursuit to do things better has driven him to look for better ways to go about things. He was never complacent and every business consulting professional shouldn’t be as well.

Making Life Easier

Probably the real measure of Steve Job‘s genius in business consulting was made apparent in his death. Friends and family mourned his passing but the world remembered him as someone who made products that made their lives easier. Product development played a big role for Apple to come up with such great products and Jobs had a hand in developing processes that allowed the company to stand tall through the years.

Businesses may be all about making money but they are also all about making customers happy. A business cannot thrive without customers and customers will not stick around if you don’t have quality products and services to offer. Business consultants must understand then the reason behind their aims to improve a company from the inside. Business consulting is about growing a company and at the end of it all, this can be achieved by satisfying customers. Pursue excellence with the end goal of making customers happy and you have your basics covered, helping ensure your success in promoting growth for a company. Steve Jobs is a tough act to follow but you’ll have your own brand of success in no time by following his footsteps.

Julian Hartley works for DinaliC.com, a business consultancy company.


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