Waltz of patents between Facebook and Microsoft

Microsoft announced to grant Facebook a patent portfolio owned by the original AOL. The transaction will take place in the coming months and should be done by exchanging $ 550 million. For that price, it comes to 650 patents and 250 licenses. Microsoft surprises by selling patents it purchased no less than fifteen days to 1 billion dollars at auction. Auction which had participated Facebook but without success. This transaction leaves a slight offset printing of understanding between both parties. This waltz patents Microsoft visibly surprised but expressed pleasure “way back in half of its expenses” and Facebook can “protect its interests in the long term.” Facebook ZuckerbergCette-operation is also important for the second Facebook in a very short time, having bought the social network Instagram for $ 1 billion. The purchase of patents tends to secure the future of Facebook, which now faces a complaint from Yahoo!, which accuses him of usurping some of its innovations. To which Facebook responded with a similar complaint. A few days of its IPO, Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook in his head, obviously wants to better prepare the ground for its future and its future financial results.

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