Wall Street rises but RIM Plunges

The U.S. places ended slightly higher Friday. But Research in Motion, the Canadian manufacturer of BlackBerry, ends in free fall.

After four consecutive sessions of gains, Wall Street has once again finished in the green Friday when finance ministers of the euro zone meet in Poland to discuss the crisis of sovereign debt. Invited to this meeting, Timothy Geithner, U.S. Treasury Secretary, called on Europeans to stop the “loose talk” about a possible breakup of the euro. Thursday, U.S. markets jumped after the concerted action of major central banks to inject liquidity.

At the close, the Dow rose 0.66% to 11,509 points, the S & P 500 gained 0.57% to 1216 points and the Nasdaq 0.58% to 2,622 wins points.

As for values, Research in Motion plunged from 18.99% to 23.93 dollars. The Canadian manufacturer of BlackBerry has reported very disappointing results in the second quarter. Its net income plunged to $ 329 million over the period. Per share, this represents 80 cents, where markets were betting on 88 cents. The turnover stood at 4.2 billion dollars against 4.5 billion consensus. The group including many fewer copies sold of his playbook tablet expected. And its forecast for the current quarter were also disappointed.


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