Using Twitter to Publish The Book

Jennifer Egan, winner of the Pulitzer Prize in 2011 (work of fiction) tweets every day continuously from 20h to 21h, from May 24, 8500 of a new word to the account of the New Yorker (@ NYerFiction). The experiment will continue until June 2, is not unanimous.

Several points are and debate. First, the book is already written, while Twitter was initially designed to exchange spontaneously. And when an editor wants to publish his text on the Internet, the easiest thing to use a link that allows the social network perfectly.
This initiative is a writer also recognized risk of encourger feathers without talent to publish their own literary heresies on Twitter in hopes of being noticed. Not to mention that if, as presumably, the lines of the book by Jennifer Egan is posted by a robot, they can be considered as spam.

It is also true that after its publication on the network, typically the work will be published in paper or digital format, making up the operation of advertising. But we must also consider that writing fits the medium: it not written in the same way for the web or in print, for a long format or short format …

What has he seems aware Jennifer Egan, who said he wrote his text to Twitter. This does not prevent the media to consider anything but adapted to his initiative, especially if it is to be released in digital formats and ebook readers, today, no longer miss.


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