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TwitterHolic is a person who is addicted to twitter. Twitterholic helps a person find his twitter influence. It provides ranking and stats regarding the most buzzing users at twitter.

Twitterholic also gives users a list of all the top twitter users. One can find out top twitter users according to a specific location as well. The user stats are calculated every few hours and constantly updated in the database, to check for the top users in real time.

The top twitters are usually who post at least 20 messages a day, follow at least 200 people and have at least 150 followers. Since twitterholics tend to do very little other than use twitter, Twitters intended purpose of quick updates and messages about what they are doing is not enough to satisfy their need to tweet so they build up new conversations, share links and play online games. Twitterholics are very competitive about their stats and try to post more than anybody else or have more followers than anyone else so they stay or top.

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