Twitterfon: A free app for twitter

It is true that there are so many free app for twitter available and one can select any one depending upon the choice and interest. Twitterfon is among one of the major app which is absolutely free to use. It has almost all the features which are needed by almost everyone. Twitterfon comes with very small banner but it is visible only when you have scrolled down through all tweets or at the top position. The amazing interface is the best thing which is liked by most users and it separates it from respite of the class.

When the new tweets are added it automatically scrolls the beginning of new tweets and interestingly these new tweets are converted into fine looking blue shades. In this way one can acquire lots of tweets in a day, but it is always recommended that one should with reference linked. Users can mark any tweet with gold star. By using this facility the user can find their favorite tweets effortlessly. Another amazing feature which most people like is its search screen. This feature enables the users to find any term in the tweeter.

Twitterfon has an additional feature of GPS through which one can find any location easily. GPS is the same feature which is commonly available in cars and other movables to locate any particular location or region. It is the best way to find local activities and people surrounded. It is one the major features and it is gaining much hype among twitter users. Simplicity is the best feature of this free application and it is especially designed for the customers who love to use various applications. It is the perfect blend with iPhone and it works amazingly with it. There are several twitter app but this one is considered to be the best one.

The main feature of TwitterFon is that it can convert messages to audio interface and it is liked by most users. One can record new messages; listen from friends and the messages can be replied with privately or publicly to friends or family members. The developers are working hard to develop its new language version from English to Japanese and Korean. The service is completely free and this is why it is getting attention among various users. The twitter lovers will really going to love this app. The users can leave twitter message even when they are away from home with the help of their iPhone.

There are around 20,000 people who have already registered for this service. The circle is regularly expanding and numerous people are showing interest in this service. This free service is very easy to use in iPhone and it offers an amazing user interface to the users. It is the perfect service for the Twitter lovers and users can speak to their twitters, SMS, emails and many more. So, it can be said that TwitterFon is the perfect app which can be easily accessed via iPhone. Overall, it is a worthy app and everyone should check it to examine its unique feature.

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