Twitter To Buy TweetDeck

The information has been confirmed by TechCrunch : The application TweetDeck now owned by Twitter . The acquisition has provided that the micro-blogging site is nearly $ 50 million. A sum may seem considerable, but that will largely pay for itself in terms of future plans to develop projects that start-ups.

Indeed, the company lamented a few months ago the surplus of Twitter clients, software that provides an alternative to consultation of tweets on all possible media. Many of these programs have been forced to rename some particular terms used like the word “Retweet” solely dedicated to Twitter. The company has indicated that it would introduce a licensing system to connect to its platform via this service.

The acquisition should enable TweetDeck Twitter to impose his client among all these alternatives. Currently the application is in the form of an interface based on Adobe Air technology to manage the flow of various social networks: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Buzz, Foursquare and MySpace. The application has a great reputation, widely used by network members. The figures show the firm Sysomos that 42% of the posts on Twitter from unofficial applications which 13.1% of TweetDeck.

Belonging to Twitter, TweetDeck ergonomics should be redesigned to be exactly the same regardless of the systems used. Another direct consequence of this acquisition would probably be the abandonment of existing customers. These are all questions that should be clarified with the publication of the press release from Twitter.


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