Twitter facilitates the discovery of new accounts with new search options

Twitter has redesigned its advanced search form and improved his option “Who To Follow” designed to identify new microbloggers interesting.

Twitter has changed its search algorithms to help its users find new accounts to be followed by topics that interest them.

Previously, when the user launched a search, it led to a small selection of “persons” whose names contain the keyword search or a derivative thereof.

Now, when users search for certain topics and click on the “People”, they will be sent to a list of the best microbloggers in this area.

According to Twitter, in a post on 4 April, “this new approach will find Twitter users to help you best follow what you want. For example, if you’re interested in hip hop, you’re likely to want to take hip hop artists. Start a search for “hip hop” reveals common and accounts as @ @ Questlove.

Twitter has also added an advanced search page that allows you to find exact expressions, for posts with hashtags mutiples, tweets posted to a particular location or tweets sent from one person to another.



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