Twitter continues to grow


The Twitter microblogging site said Thursday that it now has more than 100 million active registered users, connecting at least once a month, including a growing number use the service on a portable device.
“We see tremendous growth in mobile,” said the general manager Dick Costolo during a meeting with reporters at headquarters in San Francisco (California, western USA): the increase in the number of connections on device Mobile jumped more than 40% each quarter over a year.
The number of registered users “active” has meanwhile increased by 82% since early 2011, 40% of them from reading messages without posting themselves. “I think that’s super healthy,” said Costolo, “Now we’ll see how to change the experience of consumption in the publication.”
Finally the site now receives over 400 million visits, against 250 million earlier this year, according to figures provided by Google cited by Mr. Costolo: “there are still many people who do not register on Twitter but use it every day, “he said “The number of messages in transit on the site, there are 230 million on average per day, an increase of 110% since the beginning of the year.
Mr. Costolo also praised the progress made to improve the performance of the site in the past, “each time when an innovation or that adding a new product, the site had problems. By comparison, the site “has not even blinked” at the announcement two weeks ago of the pregnancy of the singer BeyoncĂ©, who has raised a new record of 8,900 messages posted per second.
Finally Mr. Costolo said that Twitter, which last month announced $ 400 million in new financing, felt no pressure to go public. “We have what must be called mountains of money in the bank,” he said, “we want to remain independent and not subject to the markets.”


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