Tweetdeck Review: twitter through iPhone

Twitter has introduced loads of applications, in fact free applications or websites which work with twitter to make a fantastic user’s experience. Tweetdeck is an absolutely free application which allows the Twitter users to organize, handle or update and handle all @replies, retweets, direct messages and all types of updates which come up 24 x 7. Twitter is quite complicated for new users due to continuous flow of updates and information. Tweetdeck is a great relief for those users so that users can manage this flood of updates and information comfortably.

How to use Twitter on iPhone via TweetDeck
TweetDeck is gaining much popularity among Twitter users because of its amazing power and simplicity, arguable it is one of the best Twitter desktop program and interestingly it is available totally free of cost. It is very easy to use Twitter on your iPhone via TweetDeck, one just need to consider some important things in order to make the most of this wonderful technology.

Users can easily download this application from Apple App Store and after the installation you just need to tap on TweetDeck icon and wait for sometime until the application is loading. Then enter Twitter account details, after this one will observe that like other desktop versions, it also has multiple panes. One can also remove any pane depending upon the choice and interest. Then just go to settings and manage settings accordingly. It is very easy to manage multimedia files and other applications. You just need to shake the iPhone in order to start the updates.

Users can all the applications comfortable with the help of TweetDeck and one will be amazed to know that it is absolutely free of cost. It is really an amazing facility which one can use on iPhone. It is just like a search engine in which the users can find all the Twitter files effortlessly. The very first column comprises of entire list of friends and with their followers. Some friends have lots of followers while some have just few. In this way, one can use this amazing tool to approach as much followers as you can in the most effective way.

In the second column one can easily glance on all the updates and what you have made on Twitter. Now, here is the key and benefit of this wonderful key. One can easily track all the information, messages and updates right from the front page. In third column, one can look at all the sent messages available. In this way, you can only respond to those whom you want to. The fourth column on the page is about recommendations which are generated by your profile page. Sometimes, these suggestions can prove to be very beneficial but sometimes not good. However, overall it is an amazing column and it is especially designed for the convenience of Twitter users. So, it can be said that Twitter is really a wonderful tool and it gives a chance to the users to become more social. Above all, it is one of the most effective marketing tools, so just try it!!


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