Tweepler – Manage New Twitter Followers

Tweepler is an easy way for twitter users to organize their followers. A twitter user can sort them into two lists. One is ‘to follow’ and the other ones to ‘ignore’. This helps reduce the time to check updates and read interesting messages or follow a thread. Users can also sort twitters by their number of follower’s and what they say.

Tweepler has a very simple user interface and is easy to follow and ignore. It provides extra information and access to user profiles which is a good benefit. It also helps saves valuable time by viewing detailed stats for new followers, finishing the need to go to every single profile, which helps to speed up the decision process. Tweepler has some benefits but some problems as well, for example it does not have a bulk follow or ignore button to choose many users at once, and all profiles have to be done one by one.

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