Top Four Fun and Educational Mobile Apps for Kids

In today’s technological world, young toddlers playing with video games and on mobile phones or using computers are no longer anomalies but everyday fare. While every parent can crave that quiet time when the kids are napping or at a play date, keeping them entertained constructively can sometimes be a challenge. Exposing your child to computer technology early in life has proven to escalate the ease of use and growth potential, and exposing your child to technology in such a way that it also entertains while disguising its educational value is even better. Below are several games and apps for young children from toddler to early adolescent that expose, entertain and educate, all at the same time.

1. Princess Fairy Tale Maker

Designed for two-year-olds and up, Princess Fairy Tale Maker, “All of the sparkle and none of the waiting around for a prince,” is an interactive game that teaches the idea of self-reliance while allowing the child to create her own story. Kids choose the characters, including a princess who can sail the oceans, scuba dive and explore space. Then the child touches a character to record dialogue, creating a scenario. When finished, all the characters perform their roles to a standing ovation.

If you toddler isn’t quite up to story-telling, the interactive game provides a set of coloring pages with a selection of bubbles, rainbows, polka dots and more.

Buy the Princess Fairly Tale Maker iPhone app from iTunes for $1.99.


2. Win It! Spy Fox in Dry Cereal

“Is there anything worse than dry cereal?” This espionage-mystery game for six-year-olds and up poses then answers that question as your child leads Spy Fox in his quest to find and defeat William the Kid, the goat who is stealing all the world’s milk.

Will Spy Fox defeat the old goat before all the milk, butter, cheese – and ice cream – disappears?

Find out for $4.99 from iTunes.


3. Madera & Figaro Save the Day HD

This high-definition app for Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch presents a truly charming story about the super-hero team of a frog and a monkey. This pair completes a series of tasks that draw the duo through actions toward interactive hotspots with sound and animation when activated.
As each task, appropriate for pres-school and up, is completed, the child progresses toward the goal – to “Save the Day,” as this app is known for Android phones.

One of the least expensive apps for kids, this one costs only $0.99 for either mobile OS platform.

4. Celeste SE

Aimed at older children who can read, Celeste SE brings the planets to life. This “augmented reality” app, which presents pictures and information and not live shots of planets, the sun and then moon, enthrall and educate these young, adolescent minds as they learn about our solar system. View and read about their pathways, timing and relative locations.

Use indoors or out and have the moon sitting mere feet above your child’s head – right from your Android smartphone‘s camera view for a mere $1.99.

by Jaye Ryan, a freelance writer who loves to write about smartphone apps for


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