Top 6 Mobile Apps for the Family Vacation

No matter your destination, nothing beats a family vacation.  The only stressful part of a family vacation is the voyage.  Whether you are traveling by plane, train or automobile, a collection of mobile apps can take the edge off and help everyone in the family better enjoy the ride.  Here are the top six mobile applications for the family vacation.

1. Road Trip Scavenger Hunt ($0.99)

Most of us have played scavenger hunt on a family road trip.  First, mom suggests an item to look for such as a stop sign or busted tail light and then whoever spots it first, wins.  Road Trip Scavenger Hunt brings this classic find-it-first game to the iPhone for an interactive experience like never before.  Simply enter the names of the players and choose between words, objects or both to hunt for.  Road Trip Scavenger Hunt then randomly selects items.  If you spot an item, just hit the button with your name and the iPhone app awards you a point.  The mobile app also displays the scores so that each player knows when to step up their game.

2. Oregon Trail (Free)

The MS-DOS video game that took third grade classrooms by storm is now available on your mobile device.  Free to download, Oregon Trail is a great way to entertain your children, offering skill-based mini games, side missions, challenges, new departure options and new graphics all in one lovable classic game.  Fear of backseat boredom will subside thanks to this great mobile app, keeping your kids occupied for hours.

3. 123 Color: Talking Coloring Book ($0.99)

Can your kids go anywhere without their crayons or markers?  If the answer is yes, then 123 Color is the perfect mobile app for your next family vacation.  Educational and fun, the 123 Color Talking Coloring Book app uses art, music, animation, sound effects and voices to teach number, color and letter recognition.  A Perfect Paint finger painting option ensures a spot-on coloring job every time, preventing your child from coloring outside of the lines.  After all, how many of us can stay within the lines with all the bumps dad hits on the road?

4. Google Maps (Free)

Google Maps is the mobile app that gets you where you want to go.  Turn-by-turn directions to almost anywhere in the world ensure that you never get lost on the road.  Even if you make a wrong turn, Google Maps will quickly and easily get you right back on track.

5. Where To? ($2.99)

Do you want to find the closest lobster restaurant in Chicago, the amusement park in Florida or the best surf spot in California?  Where To? is the point of interest finder that makes it easy to reach your desired destination.

6. Waze (Free)

Waze is a social network that connects drivers on the same road as one another.  This powerful mobile app helps drivers estimate arrival times and even allows drivers to notify one another of traffic jams and speed traps.  Drivers can use Waze to see average speeds whether others are reporting blockages or not, making it easier than ever to plan your route before leaving the house.  Let others know about that car accident on Route 9 or the slow traffic heading out east and everyone on the road using this app can become a great navigator.

Akesh Gupta is President of Light Speed Solutions.  Light Speed Solutions is a custom software development organization specializing in mobile application development.


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