Top 5 High-Tech Hotel Gadgets

In the technology age, there are continual advancements in gadgetry that make people’s lives easier and bring what was once the domain of science fiction into real life. The world of travel has readily embraced this change, not least in the fun, inventive “high-tech” hotels that have sprung up around the world in recent years.  The following gadgets are all examples found in the world’s hotels and are just some of the amazingly hi-tech and innovative devices on offer.

In-Room iPads
In the new techno-orientated world that we all live in, a select few hotels, have placed iPad services in their rooms. The features on the shiny gadget include the ability to control the lighting and curtains, as well as allowing the guests to order room service and easily receive information about the city and their stay.

The Yobot at the Yotel, New York
The Yotel, New York, run by perhaps the most innovative hotel brand, includes the Yobot, a large mechanical robotic arm which essentially stores luggage in blocks for the guests. Perhaps a humorous invention, it’s billed as the first customer service vendor that doesn’t require tips, will not drop the luggage, and will never be rude to the customer.

‘Smart Glass’ Bathroom walls
The illusion of creating more space and light in the hotel room comes into play with this innovation. Essentially removing the wall between the bathroom and room by creating a crystal clear pane of glass which allows natural light to flow into the room’s bathroom, and act as a more functional space. In regards to privacy, the pane turns opaque when the bathroom is in use, allowing it to serve its function efficiently.

Saving Grace iPhone app
Launched by Grace Hotels, this funky new app was designed to remove the packing-related stress experienced by those on vacation or those having to move around a lot. No one likes to pack; it raises too many questions of what is useful and what isn’t. Well this app includes a checklist that covers different scenarios; from winter getaways to summer holidays, it even includes an important to-do list beforehand such as making sure you have travel insurance and reminding you to convert your currency.

Silent Electronic Doorbell
If the other gizmos haven’t given you the impression that they’re taken directly out of a sci-fi film, this one will surely prove to be the winner. The silent doorbell is designed to be used by housemaids and hotel servicemen. They ‘ring’ on the doorbell, which is of course silent, and it sets off an infra-red scanner which detects movement and body-heat in the room, letting them know whether it is occupied or not – maybe the “do-not-disturb” sign has had its day!

Whether you’re staying in a luxury hotel or backpacking around the world, you can be sure that some sort of high-tech gadgetry will help you out at some point!

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