Top 5 Android Apps of The Week

One great advantage of Android over many other Smart phones is the Open Source nature of its Operating System. This one creative idea from Google, the maker of Android, makes it possible for developers from all over the world to churn out great and fantastic apps, even on a daily basis.

This week, we take a rather long look at the market, and we sift through to bring you the best of the pack. These are five apps we recommend you seriously consider adding to your Android Phone, this week. Trust us you, will be glad you did.

1. Documents to Go:

If you had ever wanted to edit and send a Microsoft Office Documents in an emergency kind of situation, but unfortunately found yourself held in a traffic jam, that is showing no sign of clearing up, then you will develop a great level of respect for this neat little app. Documents To Go will allow you to create and edit Office Documents like Excel, PowerPoint, Word and even PDF on the go, easily and conveniently.

2. Spotify:

This is the same streaming music service that took Europe and the entire world of Android users by storm. The app is so features-rich; it will take a page to explain them all. This great app will give you access to practically all music ever recorded, of course, aside the newest ones, which are being added daily. It allows for offline syncing that will keep your music going even when you are beyond your network coverage. What’s more, it can even multitask, that is while you are doing something else like tenting a message or browsing through the internet, and your music will keep going.

3. More Icons Widget:

This little fantastic app is an enhancement to your Android that should really earn automatic job for the developer from Google. It will squeeze your Icons page, and fix four Icons into a place meant for one, leaving more rooms for great number of other apps, without need for scrolling and shifting. For those of us that want our things organized and accessible on one page, this is a must.

4. Open Home:

This is not just an ordinary app; it offers an entire and complete facelift for your Android phone, making you to customize your Home Screen and Icons with great aesthetically appealing designs. Also, there is a thriving community of enthusiastic developers that constantly spills out many great designs, meaning you can now afford a screen-match for each of your shirts!

5. Google Sky Map:

This stunning app will make use of your phone’s orientation tools to present to you an unbelievably accurate representation of the cosmic positioning. Just point your phone up at the sky, even while in your room, and you will be shown exactly which stars and planets are currently positioned where! These collections of great android apps that will bring to you this week will greatly worth time and effort; you can give them a shot and see your. Android experience getting a whole lot better.

Erica Custom, Computer Science Expert And APP Creator. Follow Her @ Chat Room Mezee


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