Three Steps to Boosting Your Presence on Facebook

As a local business, it’s vital to engage your customers on multiple fronts – print, in person, and social media. Of these three methods, probably the most perplexing is social media, which seems to be all over the board as far as options and methodologies that work. However, it can be one of the most important, especially from the perspective of customers doing your sharing for you!

Every local business should have a presence on Facebook. Once there though, you have to sell your brand and engage your customers. Otherwise, the endeavor will be a frustration to you and a waste of local business resources. Therefore, I’m going to share three things you can do today to start boosting your local business’ presence on Facebook.

Spend some time considering what is working for others. Like most things in life, there is no need to learn how to succeed on Facebook the hard way. You can learn from the mistakes and successes of competitors. Spend some time searching Facebook sites similar to yours and see what individuals are commenting on.

Use your knowledge of what works to develop a content plan. Once you have an idea of what has been beneficial for local business competitors, it is time to make a plan of what content you’re going to share and when. Common Facebook posting guidance suggests you should have several posts per day. In order to make the content as interesting as possible for your customers, you should vary the type of posts you provide and post them at various times during the day. Your process will be a bit of trial and error at first. For instance, if inspirational quotes seem to work well for your competitors, you’ll want to try that too. Perhaps on the first day your local business posts a quote first thing in the morning, then on the second day posts one late afternoon, and finally on the third day the quote is displayed in the evening as your last post of the day. Review the response you got overall. Do your customers respond well to quotes? Is there a particular time of day that you saw the most response? Use the data you receive to plan the next several days, and then review again. In no time, you’ll have regular content that engages your local business customers.

Reward your customers. Everyone loves a giveaway right? Your customers are no different. After honing content that gets them engaged why not take the interaction to the next level?  Provide some free information, offer a drawing, or have them create a slogan for your organization. Maybe do a image contest and enter those who post your log to their page into an exclusive drawing for a cool prize or prizes. This approach helps your customers truly feel part of your local business. The more unique your offering is, the more likely they will share what you’re doing with others.

Have some fun with the process and watch your Facebook engagement soar!

Chris Marentis is an internet marketing expert. Through his company, Surefire Social, Chris successfully leverages social media marketing, SEO, and website development to boost local businesses across the web.


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