– The History goes Golfing.

This week the story is about golf sport and this story is part of the series history of companies.

Eric Sedransk worked in finance for four years and then was laid off. After 9 months of traveling and soul searching, along with moving across the country, He finally decided to start up his own business, something he only dreamed of while being an employee.

For the previous 4 years he found little gratification in the work. With a passion for the game of golf and the growing interest in collective buying sites, I thought there was room for a niche site. Thus was started.  We offer a different golf course/business in the New York Tri-State area each week at a substantial discount in hopes of reaching a new audience.

The Early Birdie was started to help golfers gain access to the best courses and other golf related items for the lowest prices possible. Through the power of collective buying the site is able to negotiate tremendous deals for golfers. Courses that are normally too expensive or exclusive for the average golfer are now available for an amazing price.

On the personal front Eric, has always dreamt of being able to conduct business while traveling and this job was the perfect fit. Eric is currently, constantly meeting with different golf courses and traveling all over the country for prospective areas of expansion. Internet connection is the only thing Eric needs to work. Instead of spending time slaving away in a cubicle for a large organization, he is around golf courses constantly.


Eric defines his business in his own words

“This allows me to set the schedule I want, (I work better at night) and conduct business on the golf course (which I love doing). I try and play every course before I recommend it to my customers on the site, so my clients can rest assured that it has my stamp of approval.”


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