The Ultrabook, New ultraportable PC by Intel

Between laptops and netbooks, there really room for a new category? Yes meets Intel, which announced Monday a category called Ultrabook. Simply put, computers ultraportable that eyeing the side of the Macbook Air or the Samsung 9 series but the sale price is below $ 1,000.

With a SSD (flash memory), these phones could, like their rivals high-end, start in about fifteen seconds and out of standby instantly. The first model, the Asus UX21, appears to 18mm thick and should be released in late 2011.

The new range should be 40% of sales of laptops by the end of 2012, told Reuters the vice president of Intel Tom Kilroy during an interview in San Francisco. “We want to allow maximum responsiveness. You will always be operational, always connected, more responsive, like a tablet type iPad today, “he promised.

The Californian, whose processors equip 80% of computers sold worldwide, tries to make PCs more attractive as consumers are turning more and more towards mobile devices like Apple iPad, a majority of processors equipped based on the ARM architecture of the British.

“We’re late. Today, there are many bars that do not have Intel chips, but we are working hard to catch up and I think we’ll fill the shelves, “said Mooly Eden assured, Intel .

Intel announced earlier this month a new chip technology called 3D, allowing accommodate more transistors and consume less energy in order to gain a foothold in the market for smartphones and tablets.

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