The Making of Audiogalaxy

Audiogalaxy in the beginning was used as the mp3 search engine for FTP servers, now is a P2P application for the exchange of music between users via internet.

Founded by Michael Merhej with a search engine through web and the ability to resume downloads, managed to attract users looking for a replacement after the closure of Napster.

Among the main features that made ​​this important application was to use a web interface allowing comfortable and colorful, among other things, manage the queue of songs remotely, having routed all the songs on a central server (for easy finding songs but had none who were not online) and the creation of ‘clusters’ that allowed different people suggest songs to the rest according to your tastes.

The use of port 80 (HTTP) for transfers allowed bypass firewalls and other walls that prevented the other P2P applications operate on certain networks, giving a high enough functionality for novice users who just had to configure.

It was the second major application (the first was Napster) who succumbed to the laws that forced it to close due to the success of the exchange of copyright protected songs and after strong pressure from major labels.

Currently still working, download a policy much more strictly.

In September 2002, Audiogalaxy licensed the music streaming service Rhapsody ( property) and completed the web-based P2P service.


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