The Food Chain Of Social Media

Social media gets hostile:

Social media has brought about the organization closer to its customers than ever before. People who have something negative to say about your organization, have a platform that is now more visible to ordinary clients. This has the potential of creating a problem with interactions you have with clients and especially new leads and prospects.

Trolls and cyber bullies:

Any person with a size able number of followers on social media has most likely encountered, at some point, a very hostile person within his circle. There are many words that have been coined for such people. Some call them cyber bullies, Trolls etc. An organization that is looking to market products through their social media network must try and find ways to minimize the effects of such people or else they will frustrate your marketing efforts. You may find that you have to spare some time and resources to answer to bullies who have otherwise no interest with your organization.

Sophisticated Cyber bullies:

Most Trolls and cyber bullies are easy to spot because they are simply vulgar, rude and hateful. However, there are quite a number of cyber bullies who seem to be intelligent and may post compelling arguments discrediting your brand. They are adept at finding fault in your products and will tell everyone about it. Some of them are bloggers who may have a size able number of followers on social media. The effects of their efforts to frustrate your organization can be quite devastating.

Dealing with bullies:

One of the most important step you can take is to deal with such people in timely manner. You need to be prepared to address issues raised, quickly but calmly. As we have seen, some of these bullies are capable of making compelling arguments. So you should be ready to point out the fallacies in their arguments and reassure your clients.

Avoid controversy:

Another thing you need to do, is to avoid using your social media network to express certain beliefs. It can be tempting to talk about certain issues that you probably have strong feelings about. Topics such as religion, politics and race should be avoided. Such topics could start a fire that you may be unable to put out.

Moderating your account:

A number of people should be assigned the moderation work. It is also important to contact an expert to help out. Despite this problems, social media can be a very powerful tool in engaging client and prospects.

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