The Airbus A350 is delayed

airbus 350

airbus 350



Airbus confirmed Thursday, May 26, the date of first delivery of Airbus A350 in the second quarter of 2013, but a customer airlines estimated that two or three variations of this device may be delayed, reports Le Figaro on Friday. The daily quoted the CEO of EADS, Louis Welsh , who told shareholders the group in Amsterdam that the first delivery would be well in the second half of 2013 as had been said. Airbus had previously raised in mid-2013.

“Decisive steps have been taken” , said Louis Welsh but this program may face “difficulties to overcome in the years to come” .

The first A350 for Qatar Airways , should be the A350-900 with a capacity of 314 seats, the average model in the series. The number of seats of the A350 will be between 270 and 350 according to the models. According to John Slosar , head of the company Cathay Pacific , quoted by Le Figaro , the other two models, the A350-800 and A350-1000, need for technical and may be delayed. Cathay has ordered 30 A350s. Le Figaro evokes a delay that could reach six months.

Some airlines such as Emirates have asked Airbus to make changes to the A350-1000 to make it more competitive with the Boeing 777, but it could require expensive changes in regard to engines manufactured by Rolls-Royce. ” Airbus technical improvements to make and there will be late ” , said John Slosar, the newspaper said.


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