Nine People Speaking On How They Use Twitter

Luke Sullivan is a writer by trade,writing since about 6th grade wrote a book on advertising It’s now in its third edition and is used in lots of colleges and ad schools. Titled, Hey Whipple, Squeeze This: A Guide to Creating Great Advertising.

Pete Brown is a Microsoft Dev Community Program Manager for Windows Client (WPF, SL, native, etc.), Father of two, Woodworker, Author, Aquarist, Silverlight C64 Emulator guy.

Patrick Schwerdtfeger is the founder of Tactical Execution; a company that leverages progressive marketing strategies to build credibility and exposure for its clients.

Janus Boyne is based in Denmark. As founder and managing director at J. Boye, he has grown the business from an office at home in 2003 to a global operation today; still a small team, but with permanent presence in both Denmark and the United Kingdom.

David Perrey’s is a Medicinal chemist with experience in a variety of therapeutic areas, including Kinsey and protease inhibitors, hetero cyclic chemistry and natural product modification.

Chris Bourg is an assistant University Librarian (AUL) for Public Services for the Stanford University Libraries. He is interested in library services, the future of libraries, digital libraries, new ways of thinking about information and media literacy, and anything related to supporting research and teaching.

Ari Herzog is a member of the Newburyport City Council.Elected on November 3, 2009 for a two-year term beginning January 4, 2010. He is self-employed as an online media strategist, providing guidance and tips to business and government leaders. Through consulting, custom workshops, and writing, I stress the importance and benefits of social media, interactive marketing, and online branding.

Jeremy Hoover is a preacher with the Horton Road Church of Christ in Jackson, Michigan. He has worked with this church since July 2006.

Sue Waters is an Australian based in Perth, married with two kids.She Works as an aquaculture lecturer and her passion is the use of technology to enhance student learning. Her technology use has changed considerably since She was first introduced to it’s potential in 2000; from a LMS (WebCT) to Virtual Classrooms (Elluminate), mobile technologies (spyglasses, PDAs, iPods) and Web 2.0 (blogs, wikis etc).

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  1. Thanks for including my post. For me, the biggest opportunity with social media is the integration potential. All of these platforms can connect with each other. It’s powerful.

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