Tattooed 152 facebook friends

In Holland, a woman decided to capture the faces of his 152 closest friends in the network on his right forearm . The development of the tattoo took two weeks and was filmed and posted on YouTube, where it is one of the most viewed videos.

The girl, identified in the network of videos with the username “susyj87″, was responsible for filming almost step by step process of tattooing, from beginning to end. In Google’s video site is one of the most popular videos of time.

“My Social Tattoo” (My tattoo social), as he called the author of this piece inspired by facebook fanaticism threatens to become a new fashion.

“After months of work I want to show you my tattoo social” she wrote on YouTube. “Pretty amazing, huh?. I am very proud of this. I hope you like it too, “he continued. The tattoo was done by tattoo artist, Xaviera Dehvyathe Moelker, also known as Dex. According to 9 News in Australia, Moelker described his work on its website as “a real social tattoo.”

According to Australian media, she seems to have been inspired by the work done by the Dutch company “Pretty Social” , which prints photos of friends on facebook in a range of products: watches, handbags, car seats, among others.



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