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Building “Windows 8″

Microsoft Building “Windows 8″.

Microsoft is preparing its future in the shelves with a new Windows

Microsoft on Wednesday gave insight into the operating system is to succeed the current Windows 7, a modernization intended to prepare its future in the tablets, a segment where he is now almost absent.

“Windows 8″, code name for the emerging system shown at the conference organized by the D9 news website All Things Digital in Rancho Palos Verdes, California (western USA), is clearly designed in anticipation of a new computer era where the shelves will have an increasing role.

“The things people are (…) walk on (the tablet from Apple) iPad, I think we can do, and then add to that all the advantages we have with Windows,” said Steven Sinofsky, head of the Windows at Microsoft.

“We have an approach that is different (from the current Windows), but built on the value of an operating system that sells nearly 400 million units per year,” Sinofsky said, expressing his conviction that “laptops, tablets, desktops can all run with a (same) operating system.

According to the demonstration given on Wednesday, “Windows 8″ look a lot like Windows 7 Phone, the Microsoft system for smartphones, organized with the blocks illustrated accelerating navigation function or application to another.

The demonstration took place on a touch screen, illustrating the emphasis on the shelves that Microsoft hopes to equip the system. The system removes the need for a starter button, simple gestures on the edge of screen to find start functions or assistance.

Another charge of Windows, Julie Larson-Green, came to present the system with Mr. Sinofsky, assured that “a Windows computer 8 is really a new type of device, which can range from small displays in all touch with large screens, with or without keyboard or mouse.

“Even if the new user interface is designed and optimized for touch, it also works well with a mouse and keyboard,” she said.

The latest operating system from Microsoft, Windows 7 was launched in test version in January 2009 before the commercial launch in the fall of that year. This program has so far failed to Microsoft a foothold in the market shelves, totally dominated by Apple iPad for over a year.

Microsoft executives have not said when Windows 8 will be launched, but the new group’s systems generally succeed at a rate two to three years.

Microsoft suffers from the expansion shelves, head of the decline in consumer PC market weighs on revenues Windows licenses sold to manufacturers.

The CEO Steve Ballmer had announced last year that this segment was a priority for him, and in January he announced new collaborations with several groups specializing in microprocessor chips tailored for mobile devices, ARM, Nvidia, and Qualcomm Texas Instruments, beyond its longtime partner Intel and AMD.


Windows 8 mingles Windows Phone

Windows delivers new features excerpts from a development version of Windows 8 (its final name and exact is not yet known). The Future of Microsoft OS would have (finally) on its own PDF reader, called “Modern Reader”, instead of forcing it to install Adobe. In the way of what Apple offers since the birth of Mac OS X.

Catches of this application show a very sleek interface, directly modeled on the theme of Windows Phone Metro. Windows 8 should be proposed as an alternative to the more traditional than it is today with Aero, but less suitable for mobile media and tactile. This would provide an interface adapted to the device running Windows 8.

On the right was the index of the document and in the upper left corner, a button to return to the page that was left. This application is of type Appx explains Within Windows, which means universal software apparently capable of running on both Windows 8 (PC and shelves) on Windows Phone 8.

This ability of Windows to slip on shelves is also evident in this version of Internet Explorer which uses Modern Reader as this new interface called “Immersive” at Microsoft. It uses the Internet Explorer engine 9 for PC but with an interface provided for tactile interaction. Within Windows was running in a mode where it appears only 640×480 but it should be more comfortable in full screen, and not have these lifts. The history of page views, with its cobbled, also behaves in the manner of Windows Explorer Phone.

Windows 8 might also generalize the principle of the tape already in widespread applications included in Microsoft Office Mac 2011. Some catches show a ribbon in Windows Explorer. However its content consisted of placing icons, it smelled the development version and given the place occupied by this toolbar is not excluded that it is still managed by the final version.



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