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Twitter App : Real People in Real Time

REAL PEOPLE IN REAL TIME! 2011-09-19 10-29-54Find Real People on twitter.

Enhance the look of your twitter account

Twitt3d is the application which can be used to give the 3d look to twitter page. Today many users are having such enabled application on their twitter id. You simply have to login to the page with your twitter id and select the 3d page you need to enable. You will get few options on this page before logging to the application. If you want the see the old twitt3d you can click on the icon present in downside of window. That will give you the idea about the previous 3d images. You can send the feedback for their services and appearance through option provided on website.

Twtify – a free tool used to increase your followers on Twitter

A tool with best features to increase traffic of followers

A tool which is very useful to increase the followers on twitter is Twtify. You only have to login with the id and enter the desired keyword on the search box. According to the entered keyword the database will search for the followers. This amazing application can be used anytime. If you have the login id of twitter then you did not have to register with any other for twtify. You can login with your twitter id on the same internet portal of twtify. We can say it is the best application directory which searches the users with keywords.

Twittervision – Tweets on the Map

Twittervision is a web mash up which combines Twitter and Google Maps to provide users real time display of tweets throughout the world. Twittervision also has a 3D mode which helps provide real time pinpoint location, that are country and city of a user, for messages being posted on Twitter.

Twittervision and Flickrvision are made to keep users updated and provide users a glimpse of what’s actually happening around the world.

With Twittervision one can find people near him and also search the Twitter conversation feed for keywords and terms. A user can also update Twitter with his current location. Moreover, a user can check what people are talking about and view web links inside the Twittervision browser application.

Twittervision has been featured on NPR, the BBC, Rocketboom, and in USA Today, the Times of London, the New York Times, the International Herald Tribune, Newsweek, and Slate.

Other twitter Apps:

Twitterholic – Twitter Rankings

TwitterHolic is a person who is addicted to twitter. Twitterholic helps a person find his twitter influence. It provides ranking and stats regarding the most buzzing users at twitter.

Twitterholic also gives users a list of all the top twitter users. One can find out top twitter users according to a specific location as well. The user stats are calculated every few hours and constantly updated in the database, to check for the top users in real time.

The top twitters are usually who post at least 20 messages a day, follow at least 200 people and have at least 150 followers. Since twitterholics tend to do very little other than use twitter, Twitters intended purpose of quick updates and messages about what they are doing is not enough to satisfy their need to tweet so they build up new conversations, share links and play online games. Twitterholics are very competitive about their stats and try to post more than anybody else or have more followers than anyone else so they stay or top.

Other twitter Apps:

Twitterfeed – Feed Your Blog to Twitter

TwitterFeed is a simple way to send blog posts to all followers on Twitter. Twitter Feed allows a person to update his twitter followers about facebook updates and information from any other sites by using RSS feeds.

When one is trying to build his reputation and business, letting followers know that they have a new blog post is an amazing way to build his reputation. Twitterfeed has more than 500,000 publishers to bring content from more than one million feeds to Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites.

Twiteerfeed has an explosive growth and giving more than a million pieces of content to twitter everyday. This is a very challenging and particularly around scaling job. Twiteerfeed make sure it continues to increase the speed of posting so they can achieve the goal of publishing content in real time.

Other twitter Apps:

5 Ways to Send Real-Life Gifts To Your Twitter Friends

Twitter is the one social network becoming famous in youngsters the reason behind it features. This online nature website allows you to find the physical address of people you follow so sending some gift in real will not be problematic. If you think to send a real time gift to twitter friend then we are going to discuss 5 ways to send Real-life gifts to your twitter friends.

1. ParcelGenie: It is the process which allows you to send some affordable gifts to twitter friends. Here you will be getting the categories to select the kind of gift like fun, flirty, cheeky, cult and celebratory. You can select any category with love hearts and strawberry lip gloss as these are the most favorite items by everybody. Once you sing up to this site it will auto-select a gift for the follower from your list. Remember one thing this is a demo gift to provide you information about procedure for sending gift but only to followers. This option sends the gift only in USA, Canada, UK, Australia and few European countries. The gifts items which are available through this site are key rings, badges, candy, drinks, mugs, magnets, and some lower value gifts.

2. Tigerbow: It is another site which allows you to send the real gifts to friends through twitter id. The more grown up selection gives you option to send books and movies for all occasions. You can also send the greeting cards (Just like photos on twitpic ) to your twitter friends through this site. The best part of this feature is you can design your own card and send it in real. The gifts will be sent to US citizens only but cards can be sent worldwide. The items which can be used as gift items are flowers, cards, food items, T-shirts, book etc.

3. Twitgift: This site provides you limited items to use as gift. If you prefer to send cookies and eatable items to your twitter friend then you can use this site. You simply have to register to the site with twitter id and send gift to your friends. Some of the expensive items like jewelry and Nokia phone cases are also available which can be used as gift items. However, only US citizens can get the gifts.

4. Twegistry: an online portal which gives you selective products to send as a gift to twitter friend. You have to enter the twitter id and select the gift for friend. Payment could be done through paypal id. The only thing, you need here is your paypal id as the transaction money will be transferred through it. You can send flowers, candy, cakes, teddy bears and saucy undies through this site but it’s valid for US residents only.

5. Sendsocial: it is another site you can use to send a gift to twitter friend. This site is valid in UK only, but the gift item will be yours and can send through this site to any of the twitter user.

Twitpic – Share Photos on Twitter

Twitpic was launched in 2008 by Noah Everett. Twitpic is a website which lets users, easily post pictures to the Twitter micro blogging and social media service.

Twitpic is commonly used by many citizen journalists. They upload and distribute pictures in almost real time as an event or important meeting or an emergency takes place. The Twitpic characteristics make it a good partner for Twitter. An individual can log into TwitPic by using his Twitter username and password. Twitpic usernames and passwords are the same as one uses in Twitter. If one comments to photographs they are sent as a reply tweet. Twitpic URLs are short so they don’t require any URL shortening.

Other twitter Apps:

Twitdom – Twitter Application Database

Twitdom was established on 1 January 2008. The site uses the Apache web server. The language for the site’s content is English. The site uses the javascript library WordPress Content.

It is one of the most comprehensive Twitter Applications Directories. Twitdom has over 1500 listed, reviewed and rated applications. New, different applications are added to the database on a daily basis.

Twitdom also provides a comprehensive listing of Twitter related books and other e-books. Twitdom also has a Twitter account at @TwitdomUpdates. It has one of the largest numbers of followers. It has over 9200 followers and increasing everyday.

Twitdom has been reviewed and mentioned various times by many famous technology blogs like TechCrunch and Mashable. Twitdom has a fairly large follower base. The owner just spends 30 minutes a day and made it a hobby project for himself.

Twitdom is a PR5 website which receives about 1750 to 2000 different visitors within one day and over 400,000 page views monthly.

Other twitter Apps:

Tweepler – Manage New Twitter Followers

Tweepler is an easy way for twitter users to organize their followers. A twitter user can sort them into two lists. One is ‘to follow’ and the other ones to ‘ignore’. This helps reduce the time to check updates and read interesting messages or follow a thread. Users can also sort twitters by their number of follower’s and what they say.

Tweepler has a very simple user interface and is easy to follow and ignore. It provides extra information and access to user profiles which is a good benefit. It also helps saves valuable time by viewing detailed stats for new followers, finishing the need to go to every single profile, which helps to speed up the decision process. Tweepler has some benefits but some problems as well, for example it does not have a bulk follow or ignore button to choose many users at once, and all profiles have to be done one by one.

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