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SocialToo is your companion to the twitter

Increase the list of your followers

SocialToo helps to administer the Twitter users flow and Social table so the user can concentrate on most imperative relations. This tool allows you to manage your twitter account. To use this feature you simply have to login with your twitter login id and have to enable this application on your account. With this option you can set the auto follow feature. Once you enable the auto follow those users who follows you will get the response. We can also send the message to those new followers you just sent a request to us. With this feature the follower will be added to your list automatically.

Twinkler shows an animated graph of your connections on twitter

Check the route of your twitter id

An application which is going to show you the route of your connection on twitter and its name is twinkler. Through this application you will get the graphical view of your connection. You will also get the view of those people whom you can follow. The basic purpose of this application is to analyze the network of your followers to produce recommendations. If you are using the twitter ( even to rt ) application on your apple iPhone device then you can use this twinkler application in your device as well. You can easily send the request to your followers.

Twittospheric – tweets flying high in the sky

Flying birds will help you find the necessary information’s

Twittospheric is application, which is created to show the users about the new tweets and updates about them. You can look for all kind of topics through this application. These topics can be anything which you can imagine in real life like  iPhone in electronics. The animation provided on this page is amazing as the birds are flying with the results of the keyword you will search on the window. In twitter users interface the problem of receiving thousands of tweets by various users. This application saves you to search for the best tweet which you can search through this tool.

Vacatweet is a vacation auto-responder service for Twitter

Go on vacations tension free

Those who are going on a holidays can use the auto-respond service of twitter on their id. This service is known as vacatweet. If you are looking to send such response to all your followers then allow this application on your twitter application. It is the best application for those users who are doing their business through twitter portal. In this application you will get two kinds of auto respond services like replying the users with immediate message or sending direct message to your followers. You can select any of the one type to send auto response t o your friends and followers of twitter.

TWIBS – Twitter Business Directory

Twibs is a powerful and very easy content management system. The client side user interface is implemented in XUL while the remote server side backend is programmed in Java.

It is the directory of businesses, services, and applications on twitter. Twibs aims to be the definitive place to find, follow and interact with twittering business on various levels.

Twibs tracks around 4500 brands on Twitter as well as associated promotions which are run within other popular micro communities.

To create a Twibe a user has to choose a name and Tweet it. A user can also search on a keyword or browse to find Twitters who are interested in the same thing.

Twibes has a special threading feature which makes it much easier to participate in Twitter conversations one looks forward to care about. This feature helps users to track all messages and replies on a certain topic without having any other tweets or messages in the middle.

Other twitter Apps:

Twhirl is a desktop client for Twitter

Twhirl is a social software desktop made on the Adobe AIR platform. It is a desktop client for many popular microblogging sites like Twitter, Seesmic, Friendfeed and

Twhirl allows a user to post up to 140 character updates to tell friends and followers what you are doing. Not only this, it also helps connect to multiple accounts at once to keep one updated with his friend’s updates and happenings, replies anyone sends to the user and direct messages to one’s account. A person can also answer another user by replying or sending him a message through Twhirl. It is an excellent way to stay updated with multiple accounts simultaneously.

It also has some other features like looking up other user’s profiles, searching public tweets which are powered by terramind or favoring tweets.

Other twitter Apps:

TweetScan – Alerts for Twitter

Tweet Scan is a Sterry IT, LLC project. Tweet Scan is a real-time search engine which searches Twitter and other Laconica-based sites with more being added all the time.

A user can search public messages and user profiles with results available via email, RSS, and JSON. There are various benefits of using Tweet Scan Email alerts. It helps a user find lost or multi-user replies, scans up to 10 phrases for daily or weekly delivery. It has no ads or spam and if one doesn’t like it he can turn it off at any time.

Tweet Scan offers services for various social networking sites including Twitter. It offers services for sites like, The TWIT Army Canteen,,, Suffice to Say and MicroCiaran.

Other twitter Apps:

Monitter – Live Monitor for Twitter

Monitter is being developed by Alex Holt. It has been online since 27th July 2009.

Monitter is a browser based Twitter search engine. It is a bit similar to TweetDeck. Monitter shows users three constantly updated keyword searches parallel to each other in a single browser.

Nowadays, Monitter is restricted to always displaying three keyword searches in three separate columns. Once a user changes keywords, Monitter displays the last tweet with those keywords in it and then constantly updates the search. Monitter is quick and picks up new tweet in real time, as soon as it posted.

Another good thing about Monitter is that it is available in different languages. The languages are English, Spanish, and German. Overall, Monitter works very well but it is a bit limited because it is not available in all languages yet.

Other twitter Apps:

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