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Spotify arrives on the web and nothing else matters

Million users and five million subscribers, is worth celebrating. Spotify took these beautiful round numbers to announce last night, a small series of news and an agreement with a group previously found in streaming … Metallica.

On the software side, it is confirmed that the first program available for the PC and Mac will soon be lined with a platform for listening on the web , accessible directly from the browsers address (link n is not yet active in everybody). It is this version that Spotify has introduced web interface facelift with several new tabs in the left column.

The “Follow” now opens the possibility to “follow” artists, celebrities and other users to better learn from their news or their musical tastes. “Want to listen to the playlist concocted by Obama for the preparation of his great speeches? ” suggests that Spotify does not see the benefit of it. “Well, now you can. ‘

The “Discover” meanwhile offers customized recommendations to users enrolled in part fueled by the persons in the watchlist. It contains the “out of singles and albums by artists followed” , “playlists shared by” influencers “monitored” , or artist names, album reviews and concert dates may interest according to their listening habits.

Finally, the function of “audio preview” ( Audio Preview ) can pre-listen a few seconds of a song without leaving the one you were playing before deciding if we put aside for listening later or let the song play to the end.

Why does #TrayvonMartin case remind me of Emmet Till?? Google him. Mississippi 1955=Florida 2012?? Imagine having 911 audio of THAT murder.

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How come my iPod Nano can audio crossfade but my iPhone 4 can’t?

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Where can i download free audio books?

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Spotify will be integrated into Facebook for listening to music

While Google and Facebook have launched a war to ally themselves to Spotify negotiation with a view to creating a service for listening to music, it proves that it is the firm founded by Mark Zuckerberg, who has managed an agreement with the Swedish giant. Spotify will launch in a fortnight a way to download much more visible from the service for listening to music streaming via Facebook as a simple gesture, the first social network users will click on Spotify logo that will appear to the left of their homepage and news in order to install the software on their PC, then listen to the music catalog of over Swedish giant after a simple and quick registration.

The service will launch in all countries where Spotify already answered this ( namely France, Spain, Finland, The Netherlands, Norway and the United Kingdom, note) and the United States since Spotify should be launched in early summer. No doubt that this partnership should allow Spotify emerge very quickly throughout the world and see its number of customers Premium account grow exponentially thanks to the 600 million users of the first social network.

Spotify Becomes a Victim of a virus in its advertisements

Last Friday, Spotify announced it had detected a virus in his system. Affecting only Windows users, it would be a scareware named “Windows Recovery”.

His modus operandi: the virus, which is installed after clicking on an advertisement bomb, first reported the presence of false and malicious software is installing anti-virus imagination. Once infected, the program hides the personal files, removes admin rights and prohibits access to certain software.

Except a few tweets, Spotify has very little news on the attack. Following numerous comments of its users, the music streaming service had therefore stopped the display of advertising content through its software.

Specifically, the program would have benefited from the Java runtime system, to be released on PC users of the free version of Spotify. Countries affected by the virus are Spain, France, the United Kingdom and Sweden.

The Swedish company said that since everything is in order and wishes to reassure its users saying take in the future, all necessary measures to prevent such incidents from reoccurring.

Spotify should nevertheless remain vigilant, since through the advertising system to its free version, the viruses parasitic the essential source of income.

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