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Samsung has sold over 100 million Galaxy

2 years and 7 months. This is the time it took for Samsung to sell 100 million copies of its phones the Galaxy S (Galaxy S, S2, S3, S3 mini). The Galaxy S3 is the model meet the most successful to date, with an average of 190,000 phones sold per day. 40 million were sold in 7 months, it took 20 months for the S2 before reaching this figure. The original Galaxy S has seen 24 million units sold since its launch, ie in June 2010.

Samsung Galaxy S Serie 1 million sold
These data show how the Galaxy S3 has met with great success since its launch. Its main competitor, the iPhone 5, a big disappointment to many users. The latter are facing competition brought this year in terms of content, it seems.

Introducing Samsung GALAXY Note

iPhone 5 : Most Talked Gadget

Five Reasons Why Apple iPhone 5 is most anticipated and mostly why it is most talked about:

  1. The main and very important reason for the importance of Apple iPhone 5 release is that this is the first release Apple is doing without is hungry CEO Steve Jobs ( Stay Hungry Stay Foolish).
  2. Apple has grown the enmity with many with legal suits ( Yes including Samsung) and every one wants to see what Apple can do next.
  3. With the release of Samsung Galaxy S II Samsung tries to prove that it can do better than Apple in making the stylish gadgets and Apple iPhone 5 would be the Apple’s reply to the war.
  4. There are many rumors in the industry already that iPhone 5 is going to sleek and more beautiful (it makes it more anticipated).
  5. The fifth reason why everybody is waiting for Apple iPhone 5 is Apple itself (ohh truly)Apple has been in habit of giving so wonderful products that it makes a sense to just murmur – What next?

[GALAXY Tab 10.1] Extreme Retreat – Birthday Party

Samsung filed a complaint against Apple in turn

Earlier last week, Apple accused Samsung of copying its products. Korean immediately retaliated by pursuing the California manufacturer for patent infringement regarding the correction of errors in data signaling in mobile networks WCDMA.

Samsung Electronics has responded regarding the prosecution committed last week by Apple. In its complaint, the Korean manufacturer was accused of having appropriated the technologies to iPad, the iPhone and iPod for its design and smartphones Galaxy its shelves. Yesterday, the electronics giant has sued Apple in Seoul for five violations of patents, more than two in Tokyo and three in Manheim (Germany).
“We decided to actively respond to the lawsuit filed against us to protect our intellectual property and ensure the continuation of our innovation and our growth in the mobile communications industry,” Samsung said in a statement. In its complaint, the Asian manufacturer
involves Apple for patent infringement regarding the correction of errors in data signaling in mobile networks WCDMA (Wideband CDMA), connecting mobile phones to PCs so that the PC can use the wireless telephone and reduce the power consumption when transmitting data over HSPA (High Speed ​​Packet Access).

The Galaxy Tab first tablet that can compete with the iPad

The complaint filed last Friday by Apple in the U.S. reported that Samsung had copied the external features of the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad designing icons similar to those in Apple products. Last year Samsung became the first major manufacturer of consumer electronics to launch a tablet that can compete with Apple. Its range of smartphones based on Android, Google’s mobile OS is also coming into contention with the iPhone from last year. Apple had introduced the first iPhone in 2007 and announced its iPad tablet over a year ago. For its part, Samsung came out his smartphone S Galaxy in mid-2010, before launching his Galaxy Tab a few months later.

Gartner has predicted that sales would reach the iPad 48 million units this year, and that the tablets Android would approach 13.9 million. The firm gives Apple the IOS 68.7% share in the mobile OS market. Next year, the firm expects this proportion is expected to decline to $ 63.5%.

Apple sues Samsung for the Galaxy

Apple takes legal action against Samsung for having “copied” Apple’s intellectual property in some of its products.
Be mainly concerned the Nexus S, Epic 4G, 4G S Galaxy and Galaxy Tablet Tab.

According to the WSJ, these devices are cited as imitating the look and feel, that the appearance and user experience, iPhone and Apple iPad.

The charge of the Apple formula thus: ” rather than to innovate and develop its own technology and style unique to Samsung products smartphones and tablet computers, Samsung chose to copy the technology, user interface and style Apple’s innovative products in these counterfeit “.

Samsung joins HTC, Nokia and Motorola in the list of companies being sued by Apple for one reason or another. But if Samsung is particularly interesting since the two companies have trade: Apple in fact incorporates components manufactured by Samsung in its systems. The action brought by Apple against Samsung Will it affect their relationships?

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