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Top Tech News Today Jan 07 Saturday 2012

  • Owners of the newer iPhone 4S consume twice as much data as owners of the iPhone 4, thanks to the Siri voice assistant. By Eric Zeman InformationWeek The iPhone 4S’s Siri voice assistant has led to a massive increase in mobile data consumption.
  • The first wireless networking chips capable of powering gigabit-per-second speeds using the forthcoming IEEE 802.11ac standard are starting to emerge, with routers and other consumer further
  • The Taoyuan-based company, which grabbed market share in the US and Europe through its early adoption of Google Inc.’s Android platform for mobile phones, is being challenged in those key markets by Samsung Electronics Co., Apple Inc., Nokia
  • The Galaxy S II was the best-selling smartphone at T-Mobile last month – T-Mobile does not currently offer Apple’s iPhone – followed by the HTC Amaze 4G and the Windows Phone-powered HTC Radar 4G.>>>
  • As shipments of Android phones reached 206 million in 2011, Google’s mobile OS captured 46 percent of the global market, easily making it the largest smartphone ahead






New York Times Paywall And Other Tech Stories

Above Video is about NYTimes Paywall.

  • Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference sells out in record 10 hours
  • Jack Dorsey, one of Twitter Inc.’s three co-founders, has returned to the San Francisco microblogging service full time as executive chairman
  • Amazon preempts Apple with cloud-based music service for Web and Android
  • Intel announces third-generation SSD: 320 Series
  • Google plans mobile phone credit card
  • RadioShack To Start Selling Apple’s IPad 2 Tuesday
  • Java Founder Gosling Joins Google

5 Points To Show News is Getting A New Face on iPad & iPhone

  1. iPad is growing to be used as a information tablet this days remember the launch of Wired magazine (iPad only version).Since this days everybody wants to be on both iPhone and iPad, magazines and newspapers are trying not miss the train.A lot of news and media have started the iPad only version.Back in November 2009, Wired magazine has announced that it has planes to launch an touch version of the magazine back then even Apple has not announced that they would be launching iPad.By this we would make how Apple is tied with the media and news companies.
  2. CNN has launched its iPhone app which costs only $2.00 and that is creating a revenue for the news company .
  3. Amazon was the boss of the taking the news to gadget only till Apple launched its iPad which made the news profound because news publishers are getting a 70% share of the user revenues from the Apple app version.
  4. We usually use the browser rss readers on our computer which notifies and tells us when new news stories are is available.Push notifications in iPhone displays an on-screen message, alerting you when live newscasts are available you can watch CNN live breaking.
  5. With the new gadgets it would be really easy for the news and media companies to run the polls , QA  and interactions with their loyal audiences.For example the news service NYT would requests its users to add annotations to its videos so to improve the experience of group watching and grow the brand engagement.

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