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What is the full form of nasa?

What is the full form of nasa?

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  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

NASA 25th Year

NASA – Celebrates 25th Year.

9/11 attacks as seen from space

NASA postponed the shooting of two probes

NASA announced Thursday the postponement, due to strong winds, the launch scheduled on the same day of two probes which must make an accurate map of the internal structures of the Moon, to better understand its evolution, but also that of the Earth.The next launch window from the base of Cape Canaveral in Florida (Southeast U.S.) will open Friday at 8:33 local time (12:33 GMT), said the U.S. space agency.Scientists hope the probe will uncover the secrets of the moon and help them understand how our natural satellite and the Earth and other rocky planets have evolved.
GRAIL both probes A and B must make very precise measurements of lunar gravity, showing the distribution of masses, and the thickness and composition of the internal strata of the moon to its core.
Three and a half months will be needed if the probes reach their destination, traveling more than 4 million miles.
Since the beginning of the space age in 1957, Moon was the subject of 109 missions, including six manned Apollo program of NASA, which helped to twelve people to walk on the moon and back 863 pounds of rocks and dust that continued to be discussed today.
A study, based on some of the analysis, published in the spring in the journal Science, reveals that the interior of the Moon contains, in proportion, as much water as the depths of the earth.

NASA invited 150 members of Twitter to its next launch

Thursday, September 8, NASA needs to launch its two satellites GRAIL lunar base from Cape Canaveral in Florida. On this occasion, she invited 150 members following his Twitter account to come watch the takeoff.

If viewers are still watching the many departures from the base of space Canaveral in Florida, some will be greatly favored the next time which will be held Thursday. Indeed, NASA has decided to invite 150 users of Twitter after his account on the social network for two days (7 and 8 September) preparation and launching of satellites GRAIL due to join the orbit of the moon with a rocket Rocket II.

These little lucky 150 were chosen from more than 800 people who registered online and come from eight different countries: United States (from 32 different countries), Australia, Brazil, Canada, India, Indonesia, Spain and the United Kingdom , the statement of the agency. The start of NASA TweetUp and Sept. 7 at noon sharp, with a meeting between the guests and several researchers involved in the project including: Charles Bolden, a director of the space agency, Jim Adams, deputy director of planetary science at the headquarters office of NASA in Washington, Maria Zuber, principal investigator of the project GRAIL Massachusetts Institute of Technology or astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson. A meeting which will also be broadcast live and associated with a chat here:

A private tour behind the scenes of the launch

Then the 150 participants will attend a grand tour of Kennedy Space Center and the base of Cape Canaveral and will receive a private tour of the launch pad. The takeoff of the rocket that will take place the next day at 5:37 am, Daylight Saving Time Pacific (12:37 GMT). The guests then enjoy Twitter to share their experience to all their friends and those who follow their accounts (list of participants is available here: #! / NASATweetup / grail-launch )

In truth, this is not the first time that NASA is inviting people to its launch as it had already invited the groups to the recent launch of Juno and five space shuttle takeoff.

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