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Windows 8: 4 million copies sold in three days

This is called a boot band: Microsoft has sold four million copies of the updated Windows 8 since the launch of its new operating system on Friday, said Wednesday its chief executive Steve Ballmer.

And that’s not all: Microsoft has delivered “tens of millions of copies” to its partners and distributors citing Staples boss Mike Edwards, Steve Ballmer said that companies express a strong interest for the successor of Windows 7 whose licenses have recently surpassed 670 million copies sold.

Monday, general manager of Microsoft stated that Windows 8 sales were higher than those of Windows 7 at the same stage sales at its launch three years ago.

These good figures should enrage Intel CEO Paul Otellini, who did not show very optimistic about the launch of Windows 8. In September, he made a little analysis of the operating system vendor sidelines of a meeting with employees in Taiwan. Paul Otellini explained that Windows 8 still had a lot of flaws and it would be truly went before the loan. “Windows 8 still needs some improvements (…) The system is not completely ready for launch,” he said.

What Business Should Expect From Microsoft Surface

Microsoft has just launched its own tablet computer dubbed Surface for Windows 8 Pro, for business. Though it is marketed as a tablet, it has an innovative keypad which will transform itself into a laptop making it an enviable tool for any business. Not only does this mobile device do the business, it also looks the business, and with some highly competitive packages for business users on the horizon, this device is set to take the business world by storm.

Yesterday, every cutting edge business wanted iPads, but with Apples notoriously poor integration with most of the standard Microsoft based office packages, the Surface tablet could be the elegant solution everyone has been looking for.

How will it change the way people conduct business? No one knows for sure but three things are predicted to happen as soon as the tablet hits the market.

1. Replace your Laptop with the tablet

The Surface for Windows 8 Pro is designed to be a total computing solution for most homes and offices. This is being seen by pundits as a bid to end the dominance of the hulking, beige, desktop computers and, possibly, the ubiquitous laptops. Its outstanding features including the Touch Cover keyboard, a kickstand as well as the multiple data ports, making it a top draw in both laptop and tablet markets. Its unmistakably laptop functionality squeezed into the size of a tablet is really an innovation that could set a trend in the tablet technology in the future

If your job demands high levels of mobility between your office, home and elsewhere, Surface Pro could well be the only mobile device to rely on.

2. Better Support, More Apps

What makes it more advantageous when using a Microsoft device is that most IT staff are more fluent in its support and offerings as well as development, than iOS. It is particularly difficult for developers to create apps for iOS because it’s not a cheap investment to start with. Aside from the Apple environment, developers need to use Apple-specific tools and hardware that Apple can understand. Most companies don’t invest that much on Apple equipment for use by its employees.

Windows 8 Metro applications is a versatile tool that can be written on various platforms such as CSS, HTNL and Javascript using .NET. This feature allows the Surface to become the language of choice for many apps developers especially in the Windows 8 app market. More tools will soon be available for the users of this latest offering from Microsoft.

3. A Simple Transition

When the latest model of the device that you bought over a year ago hits the market you feel like you paid more than was necessary for fewer features. The perceived price of early adoption. Microsoft’s Surface tablet will eliminate that feeling by making it work perfectly with apps and other third party products that were previously developed for Windows 7 environment. This new generation tablet enables users to switch tools only if they are ready to do so.

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Microsoft words on a mac book

how do you put microsoft words on a mac book?

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Microsoft Surface 2

The tablet Microsoft Surface 2 has arrived and is available for sale, pre-order. Smaller, easier to use and cheaper than the first version, this tablet comes to both. This tablet will be powered by an AMD Athlon dual core 2 Ghz to 2.9 supported by a Radeon 6750 and 4GB of RAM, all housed in a touchscreen 40-inch 1080p.

This tablet that displays the weighing 40 kilos, brings many innovations such as multipoint technology: PixelSense. With infrared sensors located on the surface of the screen, to recognize what is placed on it, the screen can simultaneously support up to 50 points, plus a system of pattern recognition.

This tablet will work on Windows 7 and will cost a whopping $ 8400 $ 9049 alone and with the feet.

Microsoft Zune stops after five years of failure against the iPod

The Microsoft IT group said Tuesday it ceased to manufacture its Zune player, which in five years has never really found its market to compete with Apple’s iPod, and whose functions are now included on mobile phones.

“We recently announced that in the future (operating system) Windows Phone is central to our strategy, music and video, and we no longer produce Zune players,” said Microsoft has just over a page of his site dedicated to users of this camera.
This is the first time Microsoft officially confirmed the death of the Zune, the latest version was released in September 2009. In February 2010, Microsoft announced that the Zune software migrate to mobile.

The group of Redmond (Wash., northwest of the USA) continues the development of this program, and has even launched Monday in the U.S. and Canada a new formula of “Music Zune Pass” with a package $ 9.99 per month for unlimited access to 14 million songs and thousands of video streams that can be played on mobile in the Windows Phone, on computers running Windows or via the Xbox games console 360.

The Zune was launched in 2006 five years after the first iPod, had never won significant market share against the iPod.
Stopping its production comes as some speculate on a medium-term shutdown of manufacturing iPod classic (without internet), with sales bunched together for two years and whose duties are taken on mobile phones iPhone.

Skype still down today

As noted by many users from the middle of the day, Skype has still been a failure, preventing it from connecting to the service.The company recognized early on Twitter that “a few of you may encounter problems connecting to Skype “.The company works diligently on the bug by Peter Parkes , Communications Manager on Skype social media.The problem was identified, and the situation is being resolved.

It is recommended that users let the software attempt to connect automatically. It will do when the problem will be solved.Testimonies from users on the micro-blogging site Twitter shows that many of them actually come back to connect.

If the company seems to be able to quickly correct this new episode of digital chaos, he falls very ill.Indeed, a giant failure had occurred last December to prevent the use of IP telephony software for 48 hours.And two weeks ago, the service was still down for several hours.

These problems in rehearsals, while Skype was sold to Microsoft last month to the tune of 8.5 billion, may worry the Redmond giant.
And the more stress is probably Tony Bates, CEO of Skype supposed to take the lead in the division of Microsoft that will be created specially for the software.


Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper

According to Microsoft Security Essentials, the Redmond company is proposing a virus or rather a starter solution antivirus “offline” with Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper Beta. Who among us has not encountered at one time or another to a problem of taking up its Windows operating system, which is blocking the start of most of the time a hardware problem or system files and sometimes stubborn virus that prevents booting.

Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper Beta wants to be an antivirus startup, the computer security firms like Symantec offer a system that can boot directly from the installation CD to do a scan mode.

Standalone System Sweeper with Beta, Microsoft proposes that we turn a disinfection tool “offline” you can burn to a CD or save to a USB key

Toyota will integrate Microsoft Windows Azure in its cars

Microsoft and Toyota have announced they will invest more than $ 8.4 million in Toyota Media Service, a subsidiary of the Japanese company that specializes in creating systems of communication systems.

These navigation systems are mainly built in the new hybrid and electric vehicles from Toyota. Based on the”cloud”of the platform from Microsoft, the company will include features called”smart”in its cars.

According to Toyota, this technology allows the driver to know precisely how much charge its battery, tire pressure and to calculate the route based on traffic and weather conditions.

Windows 8 mingles Windows Phone

Windows delivers new features excerpts from a development version of Windows 8 (its final name and exact is not yet known). The Future of Microsoft OS would have (finally) on its own PDF reader, called “Modern Reader”, instead of forcing it to install Adobe. In the way of what Apple offers since the birth of Mac OS X.

Catches of this application show a very sleek interface, directly modeled on the theme of Windows Phone Metro. Windows 8 should be proposed as an alternative to the more traditional than it is today with Aero, but less suitable for mobile media and tactile. This would provide an interface adapted to the device running Windows 8.

On the right was the index of the document and in the upper left corner, a button to return to the page that was left. This application is of type Appx explains Within Windows, which means universal software apparently capable of running on both Windows 8 (PC and shelves) on Windows Phone 8.

This ability of Windows to slip on shelves is also evident in this version of Internet Explorer which uses Modern Reader as this new interface called “Immersive” at Microsoft. It uses the Internet Explorer engine 9 for PC but with an interface provided for tactile interaction. Within Windows was running in a mode where it appears only 640×480 but it should be more comfortable in full screen, and not have these lifts. The history of page views, with its cobbled, also behaves in the manner of Windows Explorer Phone.

Windows 8 might also generalize the principle of the tape already in widespread applications included in Microsoft Office Mac 2011. Some catches show a ribbon in Windows Explorer. However its content consisted of placing icons, it smelled the development version and given the place occupied by this toolbar is not excluded that it is still managed by the final version.



Microsoft – World’s Software

Microsoft Corporation is a multinational computer company based in Redmond, Washington, with nearly 90 000 employees. The company is now the world’s largest software development. Microsoft develops, manufactures and licenses the many software products for a variety of computer systems. These are particularly suitable for small businesses. The most popular products are Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office. These products have a strong position in the market, they are two totally dominant in the PC market. The company is also possessed of other markets, with assets such as the news channel MSNBC, the MSN Web portal and the multimedia encyclopedia Encarta. Other products from Microsoft consists of home entertainment products including Xbox, Xbox 360 and MSN TV.

The company was founded in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The name Microsoft is a contraction of “micro-computer software”. In the 1980s came a variety of IBM PC clones, and Microsoft used up quickly its position to dominate the operating systems market, including private clients. The first versions of the company’s current flagship Microsoft Windows was released as a supplement for MS-DOS. Historically, it could be mentioned that Microsoft has kept the supply of consumer support in newsgroups on Usenet and World Wide Web and share with the MVP status to volunteers that are considered helpful in trying to help their clients.

The company’s dominant position has led to several investigations led by the U.S. government, including a federal investigation in 1998 that showed that Microsoft unlawfully used its dominant position to take market share from its competitors. Despite this, Microsoft has won several prices, but the company was named “1993′s most innovative American companies” by Fortune magazine Magazine.

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