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How dumb is iPad for changing “lol” into “laugh out loud”?

How dumb is iPad for changing “lol” into “laugh out loud”? This is twitter! We limited on the character count! Jeez!!

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10 Ways To Get More From Your New iPad

Already bored with playing games and browsing internet through your iPad? The iPad has endless capabilities other than just being a game and video device. You can just run your imagination and get more ways for using your iPad which can transform the way you and others perceive this wonderful gadget.

1. As A Book Or Magazine

Although you already know this, the iPad is ultimate in portability and hence you can take advantage of it by doubling it as a book or magazine. You can carry thousands of books in the iPad and actually read it when you are commuting or waiting at the station.

2. As A Second Computer Display

You can install the air display software in the iPad and use it with your Mac computer as a second display. This will especially be helpful if you open lots of applications and constantly switch between them. You can also work on one display while watching the recording of your favorite band on the other screen.

Image Credit: @NickyColman

3. To Access Your Computer Outdoors

You can install various ‘Remote PC’ softwares and access the data on your computer or just about anything while sitting far away in a café.

4. Use It As A Restaurant Menu

Restaurant and fast food owners can use the iPad as a menu. You can create a customized menu with great detail on the food items and show other details which you think will attract the customer.

5. As A Presentation Device

You can use the iPad for your office presentation simply by inserting the HDMI jack. Also you can pass on the iPad directly to the audience if the need arise to explain anything in more detail.

6. Use It As A GPS

You can use the iPad as a GPS device by installing Google Navigation. Never get lost again when you are outdoors or are looking for a great restaurant.

7. As A Laptop Replacement

You can use the iPad as a laptop replacement as it can easily do lots of task which a laptop does. It can especially come handy when you are on a long journey and with no electric outlet to charge your laptop as the iPad can easily give you 10 hours of productivity without the need for charging.

8. Learning Tool For Children

There are various applications for iPad which can help in learning alphabets and drawing. A perfect home teacher for young children and grownups alike.

9. Use It As A Photo Frame

While you are not using your iPad, you can always use it as a photo frame. One great advantage it has over theusual photo frame is that you can make the picture keep on changing and hence display more pictures.

10. Form A Band

There are many applications on iPad which emulate various musical instruments viz. A microphone, guitar, piano, DJ etc. You and some of your friends can bring your iPads together to create a band and even go for stage rock shows!

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Do you Want to Own an iPad

If you are the kind of person who loves anything that has to do with technology, you may have been considering purchasing an iPad. They’ve been out on the market for a little while now but you decided you would wait to see how well the sold and if the prices would come down on them. If you are also someone who owns any Apple product, such as an iPhone or a MacBook, you know what great products they are, so this may be why you want to own an iPad. Before you purchase one, however, you may want to know what is so great about this device and what precisely it does. If this is true, here’s the inside scoop.

The Breakdown

An iPad is a tablet computer manufactured by Apple. This is the same company that makes the ever popular MacBook and the iPhone. If you have or have seen an iPhone or an iPod Touch, you have a general idea of what an iPad is already.  An iPad is nothing more than a glorified iPhone/iPod Touch. It’s just a bit larger and a bit more expensive. The iPad comes in two different models. One model will only connect to a Wi-Fi connection for you to use the internet while the other model will connect to a 3G cell phone connection or Wi-Fi. When you purchase the 3G model, you will have to purchase a 3G package for it through your cell phone provider and these can be pretty pricey! You’d probably be better off with just the Wi-Fi model unless you want to spend extra bucks for megabyte usage. An iPad won’t allow you to make phone calls like an iPhone would, but you will be able to text from it if you download a free texting app from the App Store. You will be able to surf the web using Safari as a browser and you will even be able to check your email. You can watch videos on YouTube and even use FaceTime to video chat with other friends who have iPads, iPhones or iPod Touches. You will be able to use PhotoBooth on your iPad to take pictures and post them on Facebook or Instagram. An iPad can also act as an e-reader and you can download books to read on it if you choose to.

Many uses

iPads are great things to own if you already like Apple products. They’re not too expensive and they do so many great things. If you were thinking about buying one, there are so many reasons why you would want to. You can use it for school or even just for pleasure. If you were thinking about getting an e-reader anyhow, why not get an iPad that does so much more? You’re seriously considering an iPad, so stop hesitating and go to your local Apple store today to check them out. You’ll only want one more once you do!

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21 iPad Tips You Will Love To Touch

We have written why we thought the new iPad is just a waste of time and now we are writing what tips would make your time iPad a worthwhile experience.

  1. Make folders to arrange apps on iPad. To create folders following as per below;
    1. Hold a app icon for 2 sec
    2. When all the icons start to dance
    3. Drag and drop the app icon on another app icon
    4. Name the folder as applicable
  1. Access the currently running apps by following steps
    1. Press the home button twice without interval
    2. The running app are show below
  2. Lock orientation of the screen by going to Settings > General to choose between Lock Rotation
  3. Go to setting and navigate to each application to control the settings of notification for each application
  4. Make WIFI auto-connect to make it easy for joining the Wifi connection.
  5. Quickly mute using the lower volume button for 3 second
  6. Take a screenshot of the iPad screen by pressing the home button and the sleep/wake button simultaneously.
  7. You can reach the search box by doing the following
    1. Swipe on the dashboard to go left
    2. Keep doing the above until you reach the search box
  8. Now you can restrict the search by going to Settings > General > Spotlight Search.
  9. If you are opening pdf remember that iBooks can open your pdf’s now and it makes it lot readable too.
  10. Buy the iPad Camera Connection kit from Apple to easily transfer photos from camera to iPad
  11. You can use the .com key on the keyboard or instead type the website name and press go to search Google.
  12. Bugged the new email sound just Go to Settings, then General, then Sounds and turn off the New Mail sound.
  13. Configure iTunes on your PC or MAC to take backups which helps when
    1. Your iPad is stolen
    2. Your data gets erased if you enter the passcode wrong for ten times.
  1. If you are not planning to us the iPad for long time best is switching it off by pressing the home and sleep/wake button for a long time.

For Safari:

  1. If you are not happy with Safari not playing the games and flash content go for flash supported apps there are lot of choices believe it or not.
  2. Go to the safari setting to enable bookmark and other options.
  3. To open link in new tab on safari just click and hold the link for sometime.
  4. Get Google maps and Google Earth both are really worth for the MB’s the come with
  5. If you are fond of writing with your handwritten there are app which take input as handwriting and convert to digital text.
  6. Now you don’t have to go to the second screen of the keyboard every time you want to type an apostrophe just tap and hold on the ! key and a hidden apostrophe option will appear.

Questions related to iPad:

Bloomberg Businessweek arrives on iTunes

Bloomberg BusinessWeek announced today the launch of a new application called iPad Bloomberg Businessweek + (Plus) , the first application of a large professional publication to use the subscription service to Apple Inc.. It combines the fresh perspective of the magazine on current affairs and trends of global markets to exclusive content and interactive features, such as the latest market news and information on the companies mentioned in the articles.

The app is available on itunes.

iPad 2 – Magic Mirror App

Jailbreak Apple iPad And Get Magic Mouse Free

5 Points To Show News is Getting A New Face on iPad & iPhone

  1. iPad is growing to be used as a information tablet this days remember the launch of Wired magazine (iPad only version).Since this days everybody wants to be on both iPhone and iPad, magazines and newspapers are trying not miss the train.A lot of news and media have started the iPad only version.Back in November 2009, Wired magazine has announced that it has planes to launch an touch version of the magazine back then even Apple has not announced that they would be launching iPad.By this we would make how Apple is tied with the media and news companies.
  2. CNN has launched its iPhone app which costs only $2.00 and that is creating a revenue for the news company .
  3. Amazon was the boss of the taking the news to gadget only till Apple launched its iPad which made the news profound because news publishers are getting a 70% share of the user revenues from the Apple app version.
  4. We usually use the browser rss readers on our computer which notifies and tells us when new news stories are is available.Push notifications in iPhone displays an on-screen message, alerting you when live newscasts are available you can watch CNN live breaking.
  5. With the new gadgets it would be really easy for the news and media companies to run the polls , QA  and interactions with their loyal audiences.For example the news service NYT would requests its users to add annotations to its videos so to improve the experience of group watching and grow the brand engagement.

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