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HTC: two tablets RT Windows

HTC will restart the tablet market after the failure of the Flyer. The manufacturer of Taiwan, which has nothing to fear from Apple patent, however, will change creamery and abandoned this market segment Apps for Windows RT. HTC should offer two sizes, a 7-inch and another 12 inches. distinctive element of this range is that it would be possible to make calls with these products, not bringing them to the ear (!), but using a Bluetooth headset.

The first model, 7 inch, is particularly interesting because it will rub the shelves like Nexus 7, Kindle Fire or iPad mini . Manufacturer Nokia join here, which would also intends to launch a tablet 10 inch Windows RT . Microsoft seems to be pushing its loyal partners builders out slates RT history lather this market space occupied by only … obviously with little success.

HTC drops the third quarter and confesses his helplessness in Samsung

After the disappointing results of the third quarter of 2012, HTC’s leaders preferred to take the lead in showing that sales and earnings would “probably decrease” for the fourth quarter. During the past year, Taiwan has seen its sales fall by 48% compared to the third quarter of 2011. As for benefits, they collapsed by 79%.

This announcement demonstrates the inability to respond to the supremacy rampant Samsung. There are only two years, “HTC was the main competitor to Apple in the United States,” says the Wall Street Journal.

For years, the Taiwanese manufacturer has been the preferred partner of Apple’s competitors. In 2005, he teamed up with Microsoft to develop Windows Mobile. More recently, in 2010, he approached Google for which he designed the Nexus One.

Unlike HTC, Samsung and Apple are doing well. During the last quarter, they sold for over 80 million smartphones in the world about 179 million units sold all brands, according to IDC.

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MS Makes $5 For Every HTC Phone Sold

Last year, HTC and Microsoft have reached an agreement after the Redmond company has accused the Taiwanese manufacturer of violating its intellectual property with its Android smartphone. A report by Citigroup analyst just revealed the details of the agreement, which brings in more money than selling to Microsoft’s Windows licensing Phone 7.
Microsoft has repeatedly accused some manufacturers of smartphones Android violating its patents. To save themselves from lawsuits, the Redmond giant has proposed settlement agreements and has signed a financial partnership with the Taiwanese manufacturer HTC . An agreement with Walter Pritchard, an analyst at Citigroup, unveiled the details. It reveals that Microsoft touches $ 5 from each sale of smartphone manufactured by HTC Android, reports the site Business Mobile . Significant compensation that allows the Redmond company to earn more money with its Android phones only licenses its own operating system, Windows 7 Phone .
According to analyst firm estimates Asymco, this agreement would in effect permit Microsoft to reap some $ 150 million, income five times greater than those generated by Windows Phone 7. According to Citigroup, Microsoft did not intend to stop there way and will get royalties even higher from other manufacturers. The prize this time could indeed be between 7.50 and $ 12.50 per terminal Android. For Walter Pritchard, Android may be the subject of several complaints in the months to come. Or ” Google has obviously very little intellectual property to defend itself “against charges of patent infringement, he says.

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