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How Small Companies Can Benefit from Business Tech Services

How many days did your computer call in sick last year? When an employee phones in someone else can pick up the slack. Not so with technology. If you’re simply hoping this never happens you will likely find yourself frantically on the phone one day trying to get a tech to quickly put the fire out; and fireman of this sort are expensive.

Rather than spending the morning on the phone your best bet may be a business tech service company that caters to small businesses. Nearly all of these companies have the option of servicing computer needs remotely which saves you time and money. A monthly preventive maintenance plan is most likely your best option.

Monthly Maintenance Plans

Business tech services start around $20.00 monthly per computer for basic services. These maintenance issues revolve around maintaining core issues including the operating system, hardware, software applications, and may include up to two connected devices.

For a more complete package and higher monthly rate many tech service firms will add the following services to the basic plan above:

  • Virus and spyware elimination
  • Scheduled PC Tune-Ups
  • Wireless setup
  • Assistance with connected peripheral equipment
  • Network security issues

Premium plans are much more variable but typically add the following services:

  • Unlimited PC data backup
  • Mobile access between smartphones and other devices
  • Sharing and reviewing documents away from the office
  • Online shared documents and collaboration workspace.
  • Cloud Services

Break-Fix: One-Time Fixes

For factory authorized technicians you can expect something around $85 billed in one half hour intervals. Rush services run at an approximate minimum of $175 depending on the nature of the problem.

What a Strong Business Tech Partner Looks Like

  • A specialist in small business tech with a strong reputation
  • Personalized service
  • Identifies key issues upfront and has a plan in the form of a written proposal
  • Follows up and implements goals
  • Trained technicians with verifiable certifications and references
  • Free assessments and complimentary phone support

Although tech services have traditionally focused on mid to large companies this dynamic has been changing over the past few years. Big business has become a highly saturated market and these firms have been waking up to huge need of smaller companies. The Technology Services Industry Association has taken notice and implemented research initiatives to focus on serving small businesses. The advancements in cloud technologies and remote connectivity have advanced to the point where small business is good business. This may be your time to start making some calls.

Daniel Ruyter has been consulting in business technology since 1998 and writes on behalf of

Can Document Storage Services Help My Business?

If your business handles a lot of paper on a daily basis, you’ve probably wondered where you’re going to put it all. Gone are the days of the office crowded with file cabinets; there are document storage services available to manage and store your records offsite. Using such a service will help you increase productivity and protect your company from the threat of a lawsuit. Using offline storage can help your business save by lowering the cost of document storage and management, and it has other benefits which we’ll discuss in more detail below.

Document security:Many businesses quickly become overwhelmed with trying to keep up with changing privacy laws, document handling practices, and identity theft protection. The confidential handling and storage of documents eliminates many of those issues.

Controlling access to data:Who can access your business’ records? If the chain of command is unclear, document storage services can ensure that files end up only with those permitted to view them.

Climate control:Because some records have different storage climate needs, they can be more expensive to store. Most document storage facilities have climate controls to preserve records in almost any format.

Protection from disaster: A natural disaster can wipe out years of confidential, important information. Storing your documents off- or online will help you protect your business, because they have plans in place to safeguard or recover information in the event of a disaster.

Adaptability:Storing documents and records is just one part of information management. Document storage services typically include delivery/pickup, storage, archiving and required destruction of files.

Compliance with the law: In the majority of cases, business with increased file storage needs really don’t need all that storage space, and those who don’t keep extensive records are throwing out information they could use. Some businesses even end up destroying legally-required records. Online or offline services provide record storage life cycle programs to help determine which files should be kept, and how long to keep them.

Savings and efficiency: Is your business using space for storage that could be used for something else? Commercial property costs are high, especially in cities, and storing your records offsite will help you save because it frees up space and enhances productivity of information management staff. Having important documents scanned and integrated into a document management system reduces the amount of storage required and it allows those documents that still need paper copies to be stored elsewhere.

Helping the environment: One of the most compelling reasons to store documents offsite is that doing so reduces environmental impact. Removing as much paper as possible saves thousands of trees each day, and it keeps tons of paper out of landfills.

As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to ensure that you’re prepared to safeguard your information from all types of threats- and using a document storage service is an easy and efficient way to fulfill that responsibility.

This article was written by James Harper on behalf of Whitefields Document Storage, providers of document storage services. Click here to see how their document storage services could help your business.

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