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5 Must-Have Apps for Writing

Writing can be extremely difficult. It requires a great deal of thought and preparation, and sometimes writers can suffer from writer’s block or simply become unmotivated.

Thanks to mobile devices, there are a few great apps that can help writers all across the globe find success. If writing is something that interests you, you need the following five apps.

1. Pages

Need a word processor on your mobile device? Pages is the answer. This app allows you to create, view and edit documents no matter where you are. The app works with iCloud automatically, so all of your files are easily backed up.

You can use templates to help write letters or create reports, and you can customize files with fonts and colors. You can also add images to your files, add footnotes, create pie charts and do much more with the app while on the go. You can even export your work or share it via email with others.

Clean Writer

If you always find that you’re distracted while you’re writing, use Clean Writer to help you. This app will eliminate the amount of distractions you face as a writer, and it will also minimize the amount of writer’s block you may experience.

With the app, you can view only the text so that you’re not distracted with other formatting or widgets. You can even take items from cloud to make edits and upload it anywhere, which is great for on-the-go editing.

3. Chronicle

Chronicle also provides you with great features and tips for your writing. Choose fonts and color schemes, add photos and adjust dates. You can even change the size of your photos simply by pinching them, and you can use the calendar to keep track of writing progress or assignments.

If you want to keep your work private, Chronicle allows you to password protect your app, and you can even export certain entries and documents via email or directly as a website.

4. Grammar

The Grammar app teaches you all about the rules and regulations that revolve around english grammar. You can easily learn how to format sentences and use the correct parts of speech,  and you can take tests to determine your knowledge.

View tutorials to learn the different function of different grammar and then take small tests to determine what you learned, and ests can be taken in multiple choice format.

The app contains over 200 different tutorials and was designed to improve scores on proficiency tests. Plus, it may even help you gain a bigger vocabulary.

5. My Writing Spot

Work on your book or story from anywhere. My Writing Spot makes writing easy, especially while on the go. If you have pages of work stored on multiple places, My Writing Spot can easily keep everything in one central location for you to access and work on when possible.

So when it comes time to writing, whether while at home or on the go, know that these five apps can make your writing experience that much better. Everything from learning sentence structure to accessing data will easily make you a better writer, so make sure to snatch up these apps.

James Turner is a college student, blogger and power user of Grammarly the best grammar checker on the web.

Top Four Fun and Educational Mobile Apps for Kids

In today’s technological world, young toddlers playing with video games and on mobile phones or using computers are no longer anomalies but everyday fare. While every parent can crave that quiet time when the kids are napping or at a play date, keeping them entertained constructively can sometimes be a challenge. Exposing your child to computer technology early in life has proven to escalate the ease of use and growth potential, and exposing your child to technology in such a way that it also entertains while disguising its educational value is even better. Below are several games and apps for young children from toddler to early adolescent that expose, entertain and educate, all at the same time.

1. Princess Fairy Tale Maker

Designed for two-year-olds and up, Princess Fairy Tale Maker, “All of the sparkle and none of the waiting around for a prince,” is an interactive game that teaches the idea of self-reliance while allowing the child to create her own story. Kids choose the characters, including a princess who can sail the oceans, scuba dive and explore space. Then the child touches a character to record dialogue, creating a scenario. When finished, all the characters perform their roles to a standing ovation.

If you toddler isn’t quite up to story-telling, the interactive game provides a set of coloring pages with a selection of bubbles, rainbows, polka dots and more.

Buy the Princess Fairly Tale Maker iPhone app from iTunes for $1.99.


2. Win It! Spy Fox in Dry Cereal

“Is there anything worse than dry cereal?” This espionage-mystery game for six-year-olds and up poses then answers that question as your child leads Spy Fox in his quest to find and defeat William the Kid, the goat who is stealing all the world’s milk.

Will Spy Fox defeat the old goat before all the milk, butter, cheese – and ice cream – disappears?

Find out for $4.99 from iTunes.


3. Madera & Figaro Save the Day HD

This high-definition app for Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch presents a truly charming story about the super-hero team of a frog and a monkey. This pair completes a series of tasks that draw the duo through actions toward interactive hotspots with sound and animation when activated.
As each task, appropriate for pres-school and up, is completed, the child progresses toward the goal – to “Save the Day,” as this app is known for Android phones.

One of the least expensive apps for kids, this one costs only $0.99 for either mobile OS platform.

4. Celeste SE

Aimed at older children who can read, Celeste SE brings the planets to life. This “augmented reality” app, which presents pictures and information and not live shots of planets, the sun and then moon, enthrall and educate these young, adolescent minds as they learn about our solar system. View and read about their pathways, timing and relative locations.

Use indoors or out and have the moon sitting mere feet above your child’s head – right from your Android smartphone‘s camera view for a mere $1.99.

by Jaye Ryan, a freelance writer who loves to write about smartphone apps for

9 Essential Apps for MBA Students

Today’s MBA student has a wealth of resources in an easy-to-access format through apps for smartphones and tablets. Many of these apps will help you get through your college days and keep you informed as you begin your new career after you graduate.

1. Pocket MBA

Pocket MBA, released by ComboApp, is designed to help you get through your entire MBA program. It is an overview course that covers everything you need to know as a business student. The app is an excellent supplement to your regular classes and provides real-world situational learning as well as theoretical learning.

2. Evernote

Evernote is available for iPhone, iPad, Android, or Blackberry devices. The app allows you to gather information into organized notes in any situation. You can capture images, spoken information, videos, and web screenshots through the same app. Evernote arranges all of the information so it can be easily accessed later.

3. Dropbox

This app creates a safe place to store and access files from any computer. You upload your school documents to the Dropbox where they will be stored until you access them again. This is perfect if you use more than one computer or device to do homework. The app is also a safety net that preserves documents if you have a computer crash.

4. MBA for iPhone and iPad

Through flash cards, tutorials, quizzes, and other interactive features, this app teaches you all of the business basics. The MBA app also connects to Facebook so that you can share information with friends or other students.

5. The Wall Street Journal Mobile

Every serious MBA student should have access to the Wall Street Journal. The mobile version allows you to purchase a subscription or buy the issues individually. You get all of the same features of the print version in a searchable format that won’t get print stains on your fingers.

6. Fortune Magazine

Fortune is another magazine that is a must-have for MBA students. Download special mobile features like current stock quotes and charts when you shift your subscription to the mobile version from the print version.

7. Instapaper

This app lets you download long articles or business documents so you can read them later. The downloads are available to read even if you don’t have an internet connection, which means you can access them anytime from anywhere. Instapaper documents can be saved from the internet or from e-mail attachments for later use.

8. GoToMeeting

Available for the iPhone or iPad, GoToMeeting creates a virtual meeting environment from anywhere. If you have a camera, you can even participate with other people in the meeting face to face. GoToMeeting lets you hear everything that is going on and it gives you access to slides or other multimedia presentations as well.

9. Thomson Reuters Marketboard

Keep track of global markets, trends, and the latest news with this app. You can customize the lists to track specific companies that you want to follow, review portfolios, and read company reports on your iPhone or iPad. The Marketboard app is valuable for students and professionals who need to keep an eye on market performance with up to the minute news and reports.

These app suggestions come from, where students can locate MBA degree programs as well as vocational programs like the ones found at

10 Apps for the Perfect Day Out

Planning a fun day out with the family can provide plenty of opportunities for chaos. Thankfully there are also plenty of apps on hand to help you out, allowing you to spend more time on the fun stuff! Whether looking for help to find nearby attractions, something to do in the car on the drive, or a way to take memorable and lasting photos – there’s an app for that.

1) MapQuest 4 Mobile

For a free map app, this can’t be beat. Its user-friendly interfaces is simple and offer s a selection of the key points of interest – such as gas stations, restaurants, hotels, and more –at the bottom of the screen. Users can also find up-to-the-minute traffic info to avoid the worst spots easily.

2) Taxi Magic

Letting users book and track a taxi effortlessly and for free, this app also includes a fare estimate and tip calculator to make it easy to plan the cost from location to destination.

3) Menu Pages

A nice take on the restaurant search app, Menu Pages lets users search by location, features, or specific cuisine desired. Reviews available to give diners an idea of quality of food, service, value, and atmosphere before heading off to try it. Simple and clean interface, and free to download all make it a winner.

4) Family Car Games

$1.99 provides over 100 “no stuff needed” games that can be played in the car or anywhere on the go. It is nicely designed with children of all ages in mind, so games are appropriate for kids as young as preschool or enjoyable for teenagers. Using the radio, memory, and more, these games provide hours of entertainment while moving, or if stuck in traffic.

5) InstagramWith photo filters that can turn any photo into a treasure, this free app is making a huge splash in the world of digital photography. Users can alter photos taken with other software and easily upload them to share on social networks, or take a new photo and turn it into something special.

6) AutoStitch Panorama

For large group shots or pictures in widescreen bigger-than-life places, this $1.99 app will let a user stitch together from two to twenty individual smaller photos. The results can be manually cropped and once they are perfected, shared instantly to social networks.

7) Fast Burst Camera

This free app lets users take a burst of photos ranging from five to ten per second. This speed allows users to end up with perfect action shots, no matter how fast the action is going by. An extended version can be purchased for $3.76 as well – in case the action is going to last a while.

8) Graffiti Me!

For those looking for a unique picture app, this allows users to turn any picture into cool graffiti-style art. For only $.99 users can make their friends and family appear more urban and street-wise in seconds.

9) Weatherbug

With up-to-the-minute information about the weather in any area, this unique free app also includes details about wind direction and speed which can be useful for enjoying the outdoors. Forecasts are easy to read and give users information not only about what it feels like outside, but what it’s going to be like whenever and wherever they are interested in.

10) Go SkyWatch Planetarium

For those who love the outdoors, this $5.99 app will make any camping trip unbeatable. It provides information, up-close photos, animation, and more on constellations, stars, and other celestial bodies it is pointed at. For someone looking to turn a perfect day out into a perfect night out, this app can’t be beat.

This list of apps for the perfect day out was put together by the content team at Ladbrokes.

Top 6 Mobile Apps for the Family Vacation

No matter your destination, nothing beats a family vacation.  The only stressful part of a family vacation is the voyage.  Whether you are traveling by plane, train or automobile, a collection of mobile apps can take the edge off and help everyone in the family better enjoy the ride.  Here are the top six mobile applications for the family vacation.

1. Road Trip Scavenger Hunt ($0.99)

Most of us have played scavenger hunt on a family road trip.  First, mom suggests an item to look for such as a stop sign or busted tail light and then whoever spots it first, wins.  Road Trip Scavenger Hunt brings this classic find-it-first game to the iPhone for an interactive experience like never before.  Simply enter the names of the players and choose between words, objects or both to hunt for.  Road Trip Scavenger Hunt then randomly selects items.  If you spot an item, just hit the button with your name and the iPhone app awards you a point.  The mobile app also displays the scores so that each player knows when to step up their game.

2. Oregon Trail (Free)

The MS-DOS video game that took third grade classrooms by storm is now available on your mobile device.  Free to download, Oregon Trail is a great way to entertain your children, offering skill-based mini games, side missions, challenges, new departure options and new graphics all in one lovable classic game.  Fear of backseat boredom will subside thanks to this great mobile app, keeping your kids occupied for hours.

3. 123 Color: Talking Coloring Book ($0.99)

Can your kids go anywhere without their crayons or markers?  If the answer is yes, then 123 Color is the perfect mobile app for your next family vacation.  Educational and fun, the 123 Color Talking Coloring Book app uses art, music, animation, sound effects and voices to teach number, color and letter recognition.  A Perfect Paint finger painting option ensures a spot-on coloring job every time, preventing your child from coloring outside of the lines.  After all, how many of us can stay within the lines with all the bumps dad hits on the road?

4. Google Maps (Free)

Google Maps is the mobile app that gets you where you want to go.  Turn-by-turn directions to almost anywhere in the world ensure that you never get lost on the road.  Even if you make a wrong turn, Google Maps will quickly and easily get you right back on track.

5. Where To? ($2.99)

Do you want to find the closest lobster restaurant in Chicago, the amusement park in Florida or the best surf spot in California?  Where To? is the point of interest finder that makes it easy to reach your desired destination.

6. Waze (Free)

Waze is a social network that connects drivers on the same road as one another.  This powerful mobile app helps drivers estimate arrival times and even allows drivers to notify one another of traffic jams and speed traps.  Drivers can use Waze to see average speeds whether others are reporting blockages or not, making it easier than ever to plan your route before leaving the house.  Let others know about that car accident on Route 9 or the slow traffic heading out east and everyone on the road using this app can become a great navigator.

Akesh Gupta is President of Light Speed Solutions.  Light Speed Solutions is a custom software development organization specializing in mobile application development.

3 Powerful Tools to Build Your Own iPhone App

Creating an iPhone app is not just a task available to professional developers. Here are three powerful iPhone app builders that give novice users a straightforward way to develop their own applications.

Sweb Apps

Sweb Apps is an online service that is ideal for those who don’t know how to write software code. App development starts with categories and pre-designed templates where the user adds their content. If the user desires, the design space can be easily customized with the user’s own category, background images and logos. Sweb Apps support features such as video, audio streams, podcasts, RSS, URLs, maps, mobile storefront and gallery images. The apps are developed for submission to the Apple Store through the user’s iOS Developer Account.
There is a one-time development fee of $399 for the basic iPhone package ($1,799 for the pro package) and $499 for the basic multi-platform package ($2,399 for pro) for both the iPhone and Android. The pro package offers greater customization and a more polished look. A monthly fee of $29 is required to host the app. An optional AppTracker feature is available for $10 per month that provides analytical information about the number of downloads and button usage. While content, background images and logos can be changed for free, any functional changes to the app after development costs $100 per change.


This app development service is geared toward the user that has content that they want to sell such as music, books, videos, quizzes and other creative content. The user submits their content in the form of features, the flow of the content, images and other items that provide the look and feel of their app. MyAppBuilder will take their information and develop the app. Once it is created, it is sent back to the client for review. Upon approval, the app will be submitted to the iTunes App Store for the client.
MyAppBuilder charges $29 per month and a flat $20 to compile the data, format it and submit it to the App Store. This gives the user the ability to create two free apps per month for both iPhone and Android devices at the same time. For three or more apps, there is a $59 processing fee. MyAppBuilder may appeal to the user that wants to provide the general overview of their desired app without having to perform the detailed creation in an app builder service such as Sweb Apps.


BuildAnApp is another cross-platform app builder that is targeted toward the DIY user. It offers three levels of service, Standard, Pro and Build-It-For-You Service, that supports the iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile platforms. This service offers pre-made templates but also can be customized with the user’s graphics, logos or photos. BuildAnApp offers a three-step process: Select Pages, Add Content, and Review and Publish. It also features an e-mail distribution list that will help steer users to download the app. the standard plan costs $19 to publish an app that works on all four platforms and $499 for the pro plan. The pro plan offers a number of other features including contacts and calendar integration, navigation pages, custom headers and footers, custom color schemes and many more.
BuildAnApp requires that the user have an Apple Developer account in order to submit their app. Apple charges $99 per year and this fee is in addition to the BuildAnApp. BuildAnApp restricts apps that are accepted in the Apple Store from being sold for a fee.
While all three services have ways to send e-mails to users on existing contact lists through the apps, none of them offer direct ways to target new users on social media such as Twitter and Facebook through the service. However, each company suggests the use of social media to spread the word about the available app.
In summary, all three app building services provide an affordable and convenient way for content creators to get their app into the hands of users. Those with great ideas and content that want to create an app can’t go wrong with any of the three app builders.

Web Hosting Specialist

Juliana is a blogger and researcher for Web Hosting solutions based in Los Angeles. If you love her content based on Web 2.0 design and ‘Socialization’ of websites, follow her on Twitter @JulianaPayson and google plus  for more tips.

Must-Have Reference Apps for College Students

Your smartphone is your best friend when you’re in college. Not only does it help you contact your friends and find out where the next party is, it gives you access to valuable information that will help you complete your schoolwork, which is more important anyway (right?). Here are the must-have reference apps that every college student should download now. – Dictionary and Thesaurus; Free

Every college student needs two primary reference materials: a dictionary and a thesaurus. With this app from, you’ll be able to access both. There are more than 2 million words and definitions, and you can access them offline. Audio pronunciation will tell you how to say unfamiliar words, and the Word of the Day will teach you new words that will impress your professors. If you get only one app as a college student, get this one. An ad-free version costs $2.99 and includes voice search.
WhitePages; Free

Because as a college student you need help with more than just academics, the WhitePages app is essential to download. It can connect you with more than 200 million business in the United States, giving you contact information and driving directions. Use GPS to find businesses near you, and you’ll always be able to locate a mechanic, repairman, bookstore, or pizza parlor near you.
Ancestry; $0.99 and up

The Ancestry app gives you access to all the information you can find online, including birth, marriage, and death certificates; census records; and more. When you need to do research for a history paper or locate primary source documents, this app will make it easy. It’s also great for researching your own family history as you learn more about yourself at college.
Urban Dictionary Definitions; $0.99

In college, you won’t just come across unknown words or phrases in your textbooks. On campus you’ll come across people from all over the country and from many different backgrounds. If you can’t decipher someone’s slang, use the Urban Dictionary, and you’ll be able to communicate. It’s an incredibly entertaining app to have for reference in the social sphere.
Wikibot – A Wikipedia Articles Reader; $2.99

Wikipedia is a student’s dream because it gives you quick information on just about every topic you under the sun. It’s a great starting point for any project or paper, and it’s a great place to just read about things that interest you. Wikibot is one of the best apps that allow you to access the full library of Wikipedia pages. It’s easy to read and save the pages you need. For $9.99 you can get Wikibot Offline, which allows you to access everything without an Internet connection.
Legal Buddy; Free

It wouldn’t be college without some risky business and potentially illegal activity, right? Well, download Legal Buddy, and you’ll be prepared for any situation when the cops come knocking at your door or pull you over while driving. Drug possession? DUI? Car accident? This app has you covered. Of course, it’s no substitute for real legal advice, and the better alternative is to probably avoid these sticky situations in the first place.

Mark Weatherford is a high school English teacher and published author who enjoys writing when he has the time. He directs most of his content toward helping students with college choices and college essays.

Photo Credit: University of Miami Admissions

Navigation Apps For The Visually Impaired

Smartphone apps have produced some amazing things, from apps which use the phone’s camera to monitor heart rate to others with the ability to improve our eyesight.

And now there’s another of these amazing apps out there, which is set to help the visually impaired navigate around towns and cities.

The app

The app, produced by the Google Eyes-Free Android group, comes in two parts. The first, named WalkyTalky, uses Google Maps to voice addresses and street locations as the user walks by them, and provides the ability for the user to speak their desired destination and follow a sat-nav like system to get there.

Intersection Explorer, the second app, works in conjunction with WalkyTalky and allows the user to run their fingers across the phone screen to explore their surroundings. The app is able to trace finger movements along the digital map and speak each street that the user identifies. It has further uses at intersections, where it is able to speak the name of each street and its compass direction in relation to the phone.

How does it work?

The app employs technology already present in smartphones to provide the experience. The phone vibrates when a user runs their finger along a street, and lifting the finger continues the map in the same direction until the next intersection, at which it performs the functions detailed above.

As well as this, the app monitors distance travelled to keep an accurate location, and is able to speak this to the user at any time.

Possible problems

Apps such as these are notoriously difficult to successfully implement. Whilst they are fantastic on paper, they can only work as well as the mapping technology which governs them. Accounting for streets, buildings and other mapped objects is a relatively simple thing, but to produce an app which can monitor moving objects such as cars, pedestrians and various other potential health hazards is much harder.

Though undoubtedly a milestone technology, developers would most likely be loathe to put individual’s safety solely in the hands of an app.

Are smart phones the future?

When the first smartphones were introduced we saw them as both a fascinating new invention and a landmark in the development of mobile technology. Now though with the introduction of apps such as these, as well as others scientifically proven to help increase the strength of our eyes, we can’t help but wonder whether their future is far more important than we initially gave them credit for… Will the future see similar apps which take advantage of phone cameras to warn of possible dangers, for example?

Robin blogs for prescription glasses online retailer

50 Best Nokia Apps

News Apps:

  • CNN Video – Watch CNN International on your Nokia device! Stay up to date, wherever you are in the world, with CNN video in the palm of your hand. Access CNN ’s most popular videos, as well as the latest in world, business and sports news.
  • Al Jazeera – Watch Al Jazeera Arabic and Al Jazeera English live on your handset 24/7 and access the Mobile News Bulletin of Al Jazeera English.
  • India Today – India Today widget brings you the latest news and entertainment from India.
  • Bloomberg – Bloomberg Mobile delivers market and general news, stock prices and charts, a portfolio function, market data and analysis.

Social Network Apps : ( like twitter )

  • Socially – Socially is not your usual Fb or Twitter client. Instead, it connects your social networks with everyday phone usage.
  • Facebook for Nokia – The Facebook ® app for Nokia 5800 XpressMusic brings Facebook directly to your handset and lets you to keep up with friends at your fingertips.
  • YouTube – This is the official free mobile application from YouTube ™, optimized to provide a fast, seamless experience for Nokia Series 60 devices.
  • FindMe - See the location and movement of friends, relatives, colleagues or employees Get up-to-date information on their present location Make Geo-photo
  • Twittle – S40 Edition – Twittle is a robust Flash Lite Twitter client. Twittle allows you to access your Twitter account on the go and view Replies, Profile, Messages, Favorites and your Main timeline.
  • Nokia Messaging – With Nokia Messaging, you can send and receive mail automatically from up to 10 of your personal email accounts, each in its own easy-to-use mailbox.
  • TTPhotoPicker – TTPhotoPicker is a free application that aims to upload images to Twitpic ( – application that enables image sharing on Twitter (
  • hi5 – Get connected with hi5 * Find friends in your hometown or other parts of the world. * Show off your photos. Listen to music you like.
  • Avatar Expressions Lite - Send animated, emotional messages with Avatar Expressions. Design an avatar to represent yourself, then send animated messages to your friends.
  • Playground – Playground lets you upload your shot photo from your Symbian mobile to your PG site at (Thai Community), which is extremely a real-time sharing media site with geo tagged.

Travel Guides and Maps Apps:

  • Qibla Touch – Qibla Touch indicates the direction that should be faced when praying during Salah. It is based on the device ’s location API and also displays the distance from Mecca in kilometres.
  • Fodor’s Travel Guides – Get Fodor ’s on your mobile with this downloadable launcher, taking you direct to the Fodor’s mobile internet site.
  • CX Mobile -Use our free CX Mobile application to make travel easier – any time and anywhere: Check in online, check your flight status, retrieve your booking.
  • I Parked Here -With I Parked Here (trial), you ’ll never forget where you parked. Remember your parking place with a simple tap – and without waiting for a GPS fix.
  • Ovi Maps – Get FREE Drive and Walk navigation with voice guidance. Also includes free local weather, events nearby, travel guides from Lonely Planet and Michelin.
  • Trapster(R) – Trapster ®, your mobile phone alerts you as you approach police speed traps and safety cameras.
  • VirginTrains – This app gives you up-to-the-minute info on the Virgin Trains service: – View departure and arrival board information for Virgin Trains services. – Provides scheduled time, expected time and platform number (where available).
  • fonefood – With fonefood you can find great restaurant deals and book tables, from Soho in London to Sofo in Stockholm.
  • Call a Taxi – Dialing a taxi couldn ’t be easier. Don’t know all the numbers of the different companies, no problem, just click and call. We’ll find you an available taxi.

Business Apps:

  • Currencies Touch - This is a must-have for travellers! Check real time currency rates from European Central Bank and convert from among these currencies.
  • MobilePdf Trial – MobilePdf is a J2ME application that can display the contents of native PDF documents. Document data is displayed efficiently to utilize the mobile phone’s limited screen space.
  • CNBC-TV18 – Experience the power of incisive financial info on your mobile brought to you by India ’s top financial brands – CNBC-TV18 &
  • Finanz S60 demo – All in one calculator for business and finance : loans, DCF, currency conversion (internet update of exch. rates), compounded interest & growth, days calculator, user customisable functions, RPN.
  • Career Manager – From advice on being headhunted to approaching the market, from CV basics to awkward interview questions, to maximizing your impact
  • Alpha Graphs – This program converts expressions of propositional logic to Alpha Graphs, the propositional subset of Charles Sanders Peirce’s Existential Graphs.
  • Nokia Call Connect for Cisco – Nokia Call Connect for Cisco extends business voice communications in Cisco Unified Communications Manager using WLAN and cellular, to E -series devices.
  • Smart Recorder - Want to Record that All Important Call or use as a Dictaphone? Single Click recording for any or all Calls.
  • MobileDoc Trial – MobileDoc is a J2ME application that displays the contents of native Word and Excel documents, in doc and xls file formats, on mobile phones.
  • Auto SMS – Automatically respond to Incoming SMS as your rules. Simple and Powerful. AutoSMS will respond to process each SMS and send an automatic response as per your rule creation.
  • Mail for Exchange - Mail for Exchange uses the Microsoft ® Exchange ActiveSync® protocol that enables you to use the email, contacts, calendar entries.

Sports Apps:

  • CricketNext – is the fastest growing, interactive multimedia cricket portal with a focus on Indian cricket.
  • Mobile ESPN Cricket Center – The Mobile ESPN Cricket Center Application gives you instant access to cricket scores and detailed scorecards, and you never miss a match, thanks to our detailed schedules
  • Cricket Companion – This is a GPRS based application which can be installed on the handset, this would enable you to view complete, live, ball-by-ball coverage of all International ODI and Test and 20/20 Matches.
  • Mobile -Follow your football team, with Mobile. Whether you love football, soccer, calcio, sepakbola or futbol with Mobile you stay up to date.
  • GolfBox – Free mobile companion to the GolfBox system. Book teetimes, view leaderboards and receice information from your golf club. Free for end-users.
  • VeloComputer6.6L -VeloComputer Light is a simplified version of VeloComputer, an advanced cycling computer with GPS tracking and audible feedback.

Other Apps:

  • Opera Mini Web browser -Opera Mini ™ is a fast and tiny Web browser that allows you to access the full Internet on your phone.
  • HandyWi – Rediscover mobile WiFi with HandyWi! Travel the world and connect to millions of hotspots in just a few seconds!
  • Watches Touch – Choose a watch suiting your style and mood! Choose your favourite by scrolling left and right: the options are metallic, gold, black and white.
  • Ting! – Ting! shows you full screen photos of a caller during incoming call.
  • Nokia Handwriting Calculator – Nokia Handwriting Calculator is a showcase of Nokia ’s new handwriting recognition technology that allows you to calculate handwritten math expressions.
  • Firefox – The world’s best Web browser has gone mobile. Get it now on your Nokia N900.
  • PowerBoot – PowerBoot is the solution to start application automatically upon phone is powered on.

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