Sybase Foundation History

Sybase was founded by Mark Hoffman and Bob Epstein in 1984, in Berkeley, California. In 1988 he was the first in the market to provide a relational database with client / server architecture (the Human Genome Project) and in 1990 broke new ground again, introducing its technology to the market open replication.

Sybase has joined Microsoft in an agreement that would share the code of your database server, then called Sybase SQL Server. Until version 4.9 Sybase and Microsoft SQL Server were virtually identical, due to disagreements between the two firms regarding the division of revenue, decided to separate, and today few traces of the legacy of this era can be noted.

In 1995 the market leading development tools client / server applications with PowerBuilder and in 1998, had more than 5 million seats licensed in SQL Anywhere. He became a leader in banking, brokerage and capital markets.

In 2000, Sybase was the first company to introduce a J2EE application server.

In 2003, launched its strategy ‘Unwired Enterprise’, whose vision consists of allowing businesses to extend their information securely and make it useful for people anywhere using any device. Sybase has expanded its business through acquisitions such as AvantGo, encapsulating the business of its subsidiary iAnywhere, as in 2005, Extended Systems, among others. In 2006, Sybase acquired Mobile 365 Sybase 365, and created and this combination made the Sybase to become the largest provider of software and services in the world, delivering the same year, the record number of 25 billion mobile messages.


Sybase Collaboration With Google:   Sybase embraces Google MapReduce


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