Supyo, new social network developed by Sean Parker

If  Sean Parker means nothing to you is that you have not seen The Social Network , but Napster you always remember something. Sean Parker is the co-founder of Napster. And in partnership with Shawn Fanning (the other co-founder of Napster), they are now working on Supyo, a community network that showcases the video chat.

It is based on algorithms that bring you closer to people with tastes similar to yours and a certain geographic proximity. Of course, one thinks immediately to Chatroulette and its excesses. Moreover, the network could simply be called ‘Yo’ or another variation with ‘Yo’ (domain name already in effect) or ‘zupyo’ since it may be tested url . It also has a temporary url: (the reference to Techcrunch is that the blog will contribute financially to the network via its founder Michael Arrington).

Sean Parker is a certain aura of fame in Silicon Valley (he participated in the development of Facebook and owns shares). Fanning, meanwhile, worked on Out (community network linked to video games) and Snocap. And the angels have agreed to invest $ 5 million in the project.


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