Steve Jobs: the official biography coming soon

Those wishing to know more about the guru of the firm at the apple will be served with the forthcoming publication of a biography of the official. Arriving in bookstores is planned early next year.

Steve Jobs , who established the firm Apple in 1976 with the help of Steve Wozniak and who has subsequently done a real steamroller in the areas of digital music, mobile phone and the touch pad, will soon have his official biography .

This was announced on Monday the U.S. publisher Simon & Schuster, who speaks with availability planned for early 2012 , the Atlantic but also on the Old Continent. Signed agreements with publishers and Jean-Claude Lattes Arnoldo Mondadori will especially get it at home and in Italy.

Entitled “iSteve: Book of Jobs” and result from the pen of Walter Isaacson , former editor of Time magazine, former CEO of CNN and now president of the Aspen Institute think tank, the book s ‘support on exclusive interviews conducted for three years with Steve Jobs himself and his family, friends, colleagues and competitors.

There have been other unofficial biographies, the image of “iCon: Steve Jobs , ” “Steve Jobs: The Journey Is the Reward” and “The Second Coming of Steve Jobs” . Not to mention “The Little Kingdom” , one of the few to have been authorized by Steve Jobs. No doubt the latter, through its official and author known for his many biographies of figures (Albert Einstein and Benjamin Franklin, for example) will be eagerly awaited.

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