Steve Jobs promises the finest the world headquarters for Apple

On the evening of Tuesday, June 7, the day after the presentation of its new service icloud in San Francisco, Steve Jobs went to the Cupertino City Council, city of 60,000 people in Silicon Valley, where is the current seat Apple. The number one firm came to the apple make the establishment of a new headquarters which, in his own words, will look like “space shuttle has landed.” This construction should accommodate from 2015 some 12 000 employees (2800 only cons to the current headquarters, located at 1 Infinite Loop) and be erected on land purchased by the firm at the apple to Hewlett-Packard. A necessary move, “says Jobs, when his company has grown these last years” like a weed. “

Jobs plans to make this move an architectural event. “The office parks with lots of buildings, it is rather boring, we’d like to do something better than that.” Before continuing, sketches of the future circular building in support, “we know how to deploy the largest surface of curved glass for architectural purposes. I think we have the opportunity to build the most beautiful building in the world.” Amateur painter Maxfield Parrish, Jobs said at the 2003 New York Times : “Design is not only the look and feel, but also utility.”

Respect for the environment is also highlighted. “Today there are 3700 trees on the ground and I propose to double that number,” said Jobs, who is considering reintroducing apricot trees, which were there before. This should be appreciated by ecologists. Greenpeace has recently called to order Apple , pointing to the energy consumption of its data centers. This project will also recall memories of Steve Jobs himself, who during his childhood in Palo Alto and then a young student in Oregon, liked to stroll through the orchards .

It is also observed in this presentation the formidable talents of persuasion from Jobs. At a city councilor who asked him what are the benefits to Cupertino to host this new facility, Jobs said Apple is the biggest taxpayer in the city and it would be unfortunate if it deprives the municipality. When the same elected asked if Apple would provide Wi-Fi while Cupertino, Jobs replied: “But it’s you I pay taxes!” Ultimately, the contractor seems to have conquered the city council members, who applauded several times a member show up, smile, an iPad 2: “This is a wonderful technology. And my 11 year old son loves it. “

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