Sony unveils new portable console, the “Vita”, available late 2011

Sony has capitalized on the technological power of its new handheld console and its games in 3D, while trying to forget the piracy of its network, at its conference held in conjunction with E3, the biggest fair dedicated to the game that opened Tuesday in Los Angeles.
A few weeks after the release of its rival Nintendo 3DS, displaying games in 3D without glasses, the Japanese giant was expected to turn to his new machine nomadic when competing smartphones more video game consoles .

In a great show at the U.S. Kazuo Hirai, president of Sony Computer Entertainment revealed on the scene “Playstation Vita”, as the successor to its “PlayStation Portable” marketed in 2004 and 2005 in Japan and Europe in North America.
With a five-inch touch screen (12.7 cm), it will be available by the end of two rates: $ 249 for the wireless version and $ 299 for the model compatible with the networks 3G.

For the latter, a partnership was signed with AT & T, which will be the sole distributor in the United States.”Vita + + The name was chosen because it means + Life + in Latin,” said Mr. Hirai. He added that his features had to “mitigate the border” between the real and the virtual world, like augmented reality.The rear surface of the machine, also touch must broaden the range of controls, and two cameras are present.
Regarding online play, a pre-installed software is used to geotag other players and an application is dedicated to the discussion (voice or text) during a game.

The chairman of the gaming division of Sony acknowledged that its new machine nomad would face the formidable competition from smartphones, increasingly used to play but he expressed confidence in the chances of its product.The stakes are high for the Japanese company, already overtaken by the previous generation of Nintendo consoles and newly restored access to its online gaming service, interrupted for over a month due to a trespass and theft of customer data.

The head of the U.S. division, Jack Tretton, was also expressed on the subject, reiterating the group’s apology to the players, while welcoming the fact that online traffic is already almost back to its level before the crisis.The side of his flagship, the PlayStation 3, Sony has built on sound values, as part of its new action game “Uncharted” entirely in 3D, a technology that it wants to promote.
“Our commitment is unwavering about 3D,” insisted Mr Tretton. More than 100 productions in 3D are currently being prepared, he added.
Evidence of this commitment, the Japanese group will market a package including a 24-inch 3D TV that can display two different images simultaneously for multiplayer play and the title “Resistance 3″ for $ 500 U.S.


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