Skype still down today

As noted by many users from the middle of the day, Skype has still been a failure, preventing it from connecting to the service.The company recognized early on Twitter that “a few of you may encounter problems connecting to Skype “.The company works diligently on the bug by Peter Parkes , Communications Manager on Skype social media.The problem was identified, and the situation is being resolved.

It is recommended that users let the software attempt to connect automatically. It will do when the problem will be solved.Testimonies from users on the micro-blogging site Twitter shows that many of them actually come back to connect.

If the company seems to be able to quickly correct this new episode of digital chaos, he falls very ill.Indeed, a giant failure had occurred last December to prevent the use of IP telephony software for 48 hours.And two weeks ago, the service was still down for several hours.

These problems in rehearsals, while Skype was sold to Microsoft last month to the tune of 8.5 billion, may worry the Redmond giant.
And the more stress is probably Tony Bates, CEO of Skype supposed to take the lead in the division of Microsoft that will be created specially for the software.


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