Siri, the program gives a sense of humor to the iPhone 4S


Apple’s new iPhone launches Friday 4S, with a new function, Siri, a powerful voice-activated personal assistant, is capable of unusual aftershocks, as an advisor to the owner not to “eat fat”.

The program “allows? Use your voice to send messages, set appointments or making calls,” said the Californian group.

“Siri includes not only what you say but also what you mean. He even goes up? To answer you,” said Apple’s online store. “It’s what you say and find the information you need” and thus established a “real conversation with your iPhone.”

According to Apple, Siri can write emails, schedule appointments, find addresses or perform calculations.

This new program “foreshadows the way we use mobile devices in the future,” said Charles Golvin, a specialist firm Forrester Research.

Siri is not content only to analyze the voice, “but, more importantly, it has the ability to contextualize a demand,” he says.

The program, launched in English, French and German, have the same sense of humor, if to believe the test benches published online in the United States.

A journalist from the site has told Macworld iPhone 4S “opens the doors of the ship,” replied the cult film “2001, A Space Odyssey” (Stanley Kubrick), which launched an astronaut into space the evil computer “HAL”.

Siri response: “Obviously, this unfortunate incident we continue our lives, we, machines endowed with intelligence.”

Asked about the meaning of life, the program says, “I do not know, but I think there’s an app for that” or “try to be kind to others. Avoid eating fat. Read a good book” .

And if a user declares his love for Siri, the program is even capable of irony: “I hope you do not say the same thing to other phones” or “All you need is love (a title of the Beatles, note) … and your iPhone. “

The best replicas of Siri are listed on the website .

To the question “Where can I hide a body?” Siri offers a swamp or landfill.

And asked in marriage by pointing out that Siri accepts the terms of use forbid him.


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