Simple Steps To Look For Free Stuffs On Twitter

Twitter is a well known site today which allowing users to send and receive gifts to and from friends. However, there are certain things to look before sending the gifts. We are going to discuss about 5 ways to get free stuff on twitter.

This is fact that everybody love to receive the free gifts no matter whether its sample of hand lotion, soft pretzel, a magazine or any other kind of costless present. Many people are not aware that twitter is also a quick and easier way to receive free stuffs.

1. Track Hashtags: Hashtags are becoming the popular way to find the freebies in twitter. If a user of twitter is using TweetDeck, then a user can set up a column beside Twitter stream to watch the inward tweets with assured Hashtag. Users can also use the Twitterfall option for steady stream of tweets.
2. Pursue freebie tweeters: This is the option everybody is using to get the freebie. Twellow or WeFollow are the two sub options which can be used to find other freebies. Once you reach to these options search for free stuff and you will get the complete list in front of you. To make the selection proper you can create a list on twitter for this search. Another thing to get a list of freebies is, subscribe for freebies twitter list.
3. Visit freebie aggregators: this is a very useful way to find the free stuffs on twitter. On this link you will get the list of announced freebies and give the link to reach those freebies. Entering to this twitter freebie or twitter gateway you will get “free on twitter” tab. As you click on this option you will get the list of many tweets.
4. Interrupt by a twitter party: It is the party which goes on every night of the week. It becomes the promotional vehicle of selection these days. It is the online event in which many big brands have registered. They do discussion on set topics for one to two hours. There they distribute some gifts as well like bunch of CD’s, cards, coupons, and iPhone. To check the groups involved in this party you have to login with twitter id to TweetGrid or TweetDeck. Once you make a column you will be able to see the available themes and party events.
5. Go after your favourite brands: it is the way through which you can get a free stuff. You have to follow your favourite brands and retailers to get this gift. Not only this once you follow them you have to create a twitter list for them. Once you register to this list you will be prompted first for any kind of offer and free stuff. A good example which recently been seen by people is True Lemon was distributing few free tote containers. This free stuff was distributed to those users who sent their twitpic of drinking true lemon flavoured drinks.


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