Should You Friend Your Coworkers on Facebook?

Your Facebook page is a place for you to connect with friends and family, and it’s not meant to be a professional networking site like LinkedIn. Whenever your work life overlaps with your home life, you need to be careful. Oftentimes separation is just necessary; you don’t want to deal with work stress while at home, and vice versa. On Facebook, however, sometimes the lines can blur. It’s so easy to hit “yes” when you get a friend request. But should you say “yes” to your coworkers?
Do You Trust Them?

If you’re thinking about friending your coworkers, think carefully about who you give access to your Facebook page. We all have coworkers we love and coworkers we aren’t too fond of. If you have a coworker that you’re not particularly enamored with, there is no reason why you need to be friends with them on Facebook. If you have even the slightest hint of distrust for a coworker, do not even think about it. You never know when they could decide to use your personal info against you at work.
Are They Your Supervisors?

It’s one thing to friend your peers, and it can be an entirely different thing to friend people who are in positions of authority over you. It’s usually never a good idea to friend your supervisor, manager, boss, or anyone who is above you on the chain of command. Your supervisor is someone you want stay in favor with, so don’t risk anything personal on your Facebook page affecting your relationship at work. You want to be considered for the promotion, not counted out because of your status updates. Whether they’ll admit it or not, your Facebook page will leave an impression on your supervisors, and it’s best not to even risk it. They should understand, too.
What are Your Privacy Settings?

Facebook has a lot of different privacy settings to tinker with, and sometimes they’re not all that intuitive. Before you allow any coworkers onto your friend list, look over your settings. Exactly what kind of information will they be able to see and not see? For example, will they know when you post a comment on someone else’s photo or status? It’s probably best if they’re able to see as little as possible, especially when you cannot control what your friends or family might say on their profiles.
What Kind of Facebook User are You?

Believe it or not, there are some people who seldom use their Facebook profiles, or who use them solely for professional or business purposes. Some people post status updates about what they had for breakfast. Some are much more selective about what they update with, if they ever do. Consider your Facebook habits. Would you feel the need to start deleting past posts from your wall? Would you start censoring yourself a great deal more than usual? Do you use Facebook to complain or talk about work? Or are you squeaky clean? If you’d need to change your behavior just to be coworker-appropriate, don’t burden yourself and keep your Facebook page personal, as it should be.

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