Seagate Technology

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Seagate Technology was founded by Alan Shugart (after the sabbatical year that followed his resignation from Shugart Associates) and Finis Conner.

Its first product, launched in 1980, was the ST-506, the first hard disk that matched the 5.25-inch form factor of the (by now famous) unit Mini Floppy Drive Shugart.

The unit was a success that followed the release of a version of 10 MB, ST-412.

Over the 80 years, Seagate sold mainly derived from single units (and improved), the original model ST-506.

Units ST-225 20 MB and 40 MB ST-251 were the best sellers of the moment, but also launched units faster than they used technology Voice Coil.

Because of this, the Seagate drives were considered cheap and unreliable, a not entirely deserved reputation for the use of engines step by step to position the head of the disks and ST-225 ST-251.

However, Seagate drives have better estimates than the competition, especially MiniScribe, Microscience, Rodime, Tandon and Kaloko.

In early 1990, Seagate creates ST351A / X, a foreign unit of 40 MB that can be performed using the ISA bus. This is the final product of this type, where the company finally abandoned the projects using stepper motors.

Finis Conner left Seagate in early 1985. After an unsuccessful attempt to start your own business and a stint as CEO of CMI, founded in 1986, Conner Peripherals, which was originally specialized in small form factor drives for laptops.

The Conner Peripherals also entered the market for tape drivers with the purchase of Archive Corporation. After ten years on his own, Conner was merged with Seagate in 1996.

In 1989, Seagate has entered the market drivers of high performance storage with the division of MPI / Imprimis Control Data. This gave him access to the CDC patents for the production of records and allowed him to use technology Voice Coil, as well as the first 5400 RPM drives to the market (CDC Elite Series).

In 1992, Seagate introduced the Barracuda, the first commercial hard disk with a speed of 7,200 RPM. This was followed by the Cheetah model (the first unit to 10,000 RPM) launched in 1996 and the X15 (15,000 RPM) in 2000.

They also had the Medalist Pro 7200 series, the first ATA drives at 7,200 RPM in 1997. In 2005, began marketing hard disks in your pocket.

The hard drives Seagate has the highest density (number of bits stored per square inch) of storage on the surface of the disc industry extends this technological supremacy and making the units more quickly.

On December 21, 2005, Seagate has confirmed its acquisition of rival brand of hard drives, Maxtor. The agreement to purchase all shares is valued at 1.9 billion dollars.

The companies argue that the operation represented an increase from 10 to 20% in earnings per share after the first full year of combined operations. Seagate claims the new company will save about $ 300 million in operating expenses after completing the first year of integration. The operation was completed in May 2006.


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