Reasons for the Popularity of Online Audio Transcription Services Among Institutions


Online audio transcription services are very popular nowadays for many fields of endeavor that require constant transcription of data. Such fields include mainly high—prestige fields such as management, medicine, and law. Here we will discuss the reasons why institutions are availing of audio transcription services more and more; today, not only call centers avail of these services.


Through the Internet, accessibility of online audio transcription services have rose very much. A quick search of the Internet can bring out many examples of online audio transcription companies willing to offer their services. You can afford to shop around so that you can choose the company that gives you the features you need for the best possible price.

Cost Efficiency

Audio transcription through the Internet can save plenty of overhead expenses. It also saves money because there is no more need to finance the salaries, benefits, and equipment of human transcribers. That is why it is cost—efficient, and given that cost—efficiency keeps businesses competitive today, online audio transcription will be wanted more and more. Also, because online audio transcriptions services can be obtained by institutions at reasonable costs, they have become
more accessible. Cost—efficiency has really cut down the gap between many institutions and typical call centres.

Less Chance of Mistakes

Human transcribers, moreover, require plenty of training and high levels of carefulness so that they can carry out their tasks well. Small errors can be costly, especially in prestige fields. Errors in medicine can lead to significant health changes or even deaths of patients. Errors in legal documents can make you lose cases in court. Errors in transcribing records regarding business operations can slow regular operations down. With online audio transcription services, whatever you say will be registered faithfully. That is why institutions are making more and more use of them, maybe much more than the call centres do.


Online audio transcription service providers employ a variety of personnel who listen properly to audio transcripts and convert them to written form. These people are experts in some field or another, and that can be to your advantage. For example, if you need an online audio transcribers for legal documents, you can get them from online audio transcription companies. The same goes whether you’ll need transcribers for medicine, business, and many other fields. Subject field expertise is highly sought after, and so is one factor that makes online audio transcription highly popular. Aside from the subject field experts, you also expect a staff of trained proofreaders and editors working on online audio transcription companies. That significantly reduces errors in final written transcripts.

Multiple File Formats Enabled and Security

Client can also provide online audio transcribers with audio files in many formats. Typical file formats include .MPEG., .WAV., .AVI., .MP4, and MP3. Hard copies such as CDs or DVDs are also allowed. That makes online audio transcription services flexible regarding institutional needs.
Also, submission of sound files is done through secure channels. That will ensure that no unauthorized personnel can gain access to sensitive information that can be found in audio files.

Summing Up

Many reasons are behind the current popularity of online audio transcription services to institutions. The popularity is expected to continue, so in many more years we’ll still hear from them. As you can see from a simple Google search, a whole range of companies show up offering these services, such as this one.

The author is active in the contact centre industry having managed them for 10+ years for this company. As such, the movement into audio translation and audio transcription services as a bolt on solution has been natural.


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