Questions About Facebook IPO

  • How much is Facebook worth really apart from the friend circles?

Facebook is going in for valuation of nearly 100 billion dollars yes excluding your girl friend and her jewellery pictures posted on Facebook.

  • What is the price of one share of Facebook when it gets listed?

Each share of Facebook would be worth $35 around .The price is for initial public offering and does not mean it would stay the same for long time.

Facebook is opening its books on May 18th for public to apply for buying shares.

  • Is Facebook going to be bigger than Google on stock market?

Market cap of Google is currently 194 billion nearly where as Facebook is just 100 Billion and that on the paper and with initial public offering .When Google was listed in 2004 its price was fixed at $103 and it was subscribed 10 folds more.

  • Why is Facebook going for IPO?

It seems Facebook is trying to raise cash for growing or the investors would like to raise funds for them to exit the company which ever is true you have to wait and see.

  • Who earns most when Facebook goes Public?

Accel Partner one of the investment firm which has invested in Facebook would be raising 1069 million from the Facebook IPO. Mark would be making close to $846 million.

  • Where is Facebook actually based in?

Facebook has three offices in Palo Alto, CA,United Stated.

  • How much money does Mark Zuckerberg make from the IPO?

Mark Zuckerberg would be making close to $846 million.

  • How much salary does Mark Zuckerberg get?

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg pulled in a base salary of almost $500,000. However Zuckerberg’s salary will fall to $1 annually, starting Jan. 1, 2013.So there is big rush to make some cool cash.

  • How does Facebook make money?

Facebook makes majority of its revenue from advertising and from more from its partnership with Zynga. The gaming company contributed 12% of Facebook’s $3.71 billion which accounts almost $500 million.

  •  How many shares of Facebook are offering in IPO?

Facebook announced its with a total of 337,415,352 shares set to hit the marketplace.


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