Q & A : Sony Playstation Network Hacked

Sony Play Station is Hacked and here is some information for you.

What information has been stolen?

According to Sony: name, address (city, country, postal code), email address, birth date, password and login PlayStation Network / Qriocity, identifying player online, secret question for lost password.

And credit cards?

Sony says: “It is also possible that your purchase history, the last four digits of your credit card, expiration date and billing address” to be affected. Then later: “It is possible that your credit card number (excluding the security code) and its expiration date are concerned.” 20minutes.fr contacted by Wednesday evening, Sony had “no new information” provided. Sony says that users of the PSN will gradually receive emails to keep abreast of developments.

Should we oppose?

Yes, according to an expert in computer security company Sophos. “If a friend borrowed my credit card telling me that he may have lost, I block it. If I lost my card in a taxi, I block it. Without waiting to see a possible fraudulent transaction occur, “writes Graham Cluley. He said that if the pirates have got hold of good data bank, they can use later, when vigilance has settled. He says we do not know if Sony respected the international safety standards and whether the data were encrypted. A Spanish user says that her credit card was charged for transactions on Netflix, so that the service of video on demand n is not available in Spain. We could not confirm the information immediately.

What other precautions should I take?

Change your login / password if you use the same on other services ( read our tips for choosing a good password). Especially: Beware of phishing. It is likely that other hackers will take this opportunity to send emails posing as Sony and asking the user to enter their bank details.

Who is behind the attack?

Initially, the accusing fingers were pointed towards the group Anonymous , which was attacking Visa and Mastercard to defend Wikileaks last winter. The group had recently announced he would seek Sony, to protest against the policy of the group (on his relationship with developers, hackers and emulation, among others). But the group said : “For once, not us.”

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